Online and eCommerce Solutions

Do you need a digital solution that creates great user experiences, and not least converts? We build digital products and services such as websites and web applications, business-critical systems, mobile apps and custom e-commerce solutions.

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E-commerce Solutions

A good e-commerce solution should work seamlessly for the end user at all stages - from research to the product or service received. Daily operation of the solution such as order management, product updates and content production should be simple and efficient. Through 25 years of developing e-commerce solutions, we have good knowledge of integrations towards ERP systems, shipping, payment systems and other microservices.

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Websites and digital solutions

Regardless of your goals and whether you need a simple or robust website, we can assist. We have extensive experience with all types of websites, from the smallest information websites to more complex solutions with different types of functionality.

It may involve functionality for communication and information dissemination, ordering products or services, organization of work tasks, registration of reports. Even if you do not have a “clean” online store, you may still need a payment solution or the possibility of ordering. Whether you need a simple information website or a more tailored solution, we map the needs and opportunities together with you.

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Mobile and web applications

Whether it's an independent app or an extension of a product or service for which you already have a digital solution, we aim to create a frictionless app experience for your target audience. As a design and technology agency, we will be a proactive advisor developing with forward-looking technology, while prioritizing user needs based on insights and testing along the way.

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Collaboration and the right course of action

Based on your company's goals and users' needs, we work out together what it takes to create the very best digital solution. Through agile methodology, we work through part by part of the solution. With in-depth insight in hand, we can more easily prioritize the most important user tasks to be solved and will create the most value, so that we can launch new solutions faster.

A web solution is never completely finished. To ensure that the solution is always in line with changes in the market and user behavior, one must work continuously with further development, testing and insights. This way we can quickly launch new changes, and learn from the lessons learned along the way and constantly improve, improve and improve.

The competencies you gain

We have all the digital heads needed to assemble the right team for your new digital solution. All the way through, we help with advice and make sure we are on the right course.

The key to getting a good digital solution is to have the end user in focus all the way. That's why we recommend putting effort into collecting user insights, from surveys and web analytics, to interviews and user tests. We know digital design at our fingertips, and with the insight work in hand, we can make good choices based on users' needs and challenges.

On the technical level, we work with many different modern technologies such as “headless CMS” a React, or simpler CMS like webflow for the more purely informative web pages. We are good at integrations and making advanced systems work seamlessly together, which at the same time appears completely uncomplicated to the user.

More flexibility with headless CMS

If you want a flexible and easily scalable solution, you may want to consider headless CMS as a technology. The backend and frontend will be two different systems, where the content is delivered through an API. This technology allows one to be better rigged for growth in the future and can more easily make major upgrades and changes in retrospect.

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SEO optimization throughout the process

For 74% of all purchases made in Norway, the customer journey starts in Google. Then it is extremely important that your web solution actually hits users when they Google. Our strength is that we work with SEO at all stages, from design and structure to technical SEO, to launch and content optimization. Read more about SEO and content here.

Need help developing and designing an online or ecommerce solution?

We deliver solutions that are easy to use, edit, operate and maintain — no matter what technologies we use. Contact us and tell us what needs you have for your new solution, and we will talk together about what opportunities and solutions we can contribute.

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