Design Sprint Course for Teams

Spend two days training an entire team to pro level in design sprint!

Guided price NOK 50 000, - (for up to 10 persons)

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Imagine starting Monday morning with your team and exploring an idea to create something new or improve a product or service. On Friday of the same week, the idea was finalized and tested on real customers.

Designsprint was developed for exactly that purpose; a tool that enables a team to create results together in a very short time.

“We have design sprint digital products, navigation system, subject systems, music festivals, service design, wilderness program and marketing campaigns.”
Six people sit around a work table and listen at a facilitator
Increo has extensive experience with courses and workshops. Our premises are tailored for these activities and provide excellent conditions for intense and educational sessions. PHOTO: Milena Kozlowska

This course is for working groups of up to 10 people who want to use design sprint as a working methodology in their workplace.

If you already know plenty about design sprint and just want to get started, you can get in direct contact with us here.

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What is design sprint?

Design sprint is often referred to as Google Design Sprint, because the three authors of the book describing the process worked at Google Ventures and because the process is actively used by Google every single day.

In short, the design sprint is a process for a team of about 8 people who work intensively together for 4-5 days to create a tangible model or prototype of a product or service - which can be tested on real customers or users. The purpose of the test is to find out if what the team has created is something that customers understand and both can or will purchase/use.

The reason why several of the world's most successful companies use the method worldwide is that it is highly effective and helps create better products or services - faster. There are also many examples where projects have saved many millions on development costs because they started with design sprint.

Facilitating a design sprint checks off at almost all the points of the known The Future of Jobs Survey which describes which characteristics will be most valuable and in demand in the future labor market. Mastering the facilitation of design sprint will for many be an important investment in their own career.

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Course holder

Gaute Bjerke-Busch

Gaute works as process manager at Increo and has had design thinking as the starting point for innovation, strategy and growth processes for our customers for a number of years. He facilitates about 50 workshops a year focusing on product development, commercialization, strategic growth.

In the course, he trains your team in practical tasks over two days to make each one confident in the role of facilitator - and provides an in-depth introduction to the methodology with examples from a multitude of real cases we have worked on.

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Portrett av Gaute Bjerke-Busch
Illustrasjon av mann som styrter med rakett, mann flyr på lyspære, to personer bygger rakett i minatyr og tre personer flyr sittende på en rakettprototype.

The course consists of 4 themes

  1. Problem definition
    Learn how to identify the core of the problem and formulate a clear challenge for the design sprint.
  2. Idea development
    Explore different techniques to generate innovative ideas and find solutions that really work.
  3. Prototyping
    Learn the principles of how to quickly and efficiently prototype to visualize your solutions and get valuable feedback.
  4. Teamwork and communication
    You will learn how to present the exercises, keep the time, inspire the team and ensure that the sprint lasts a solid course over 4 days.

Digital resource

After the course, you will also have access to our digital resource hub. Here you will find useful videos, links to external resources as well as downloadable resources.

The videos go into depth on topics that the course does not cover during the two days. Here you also get access to all the forms, presentations and checklists that we ourselves use in our work.

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Who is the course suitable for?

If you are the leader of a team, the course will provide you with a tool that you can actively use to create progress and results with your work group. And perhaps most importantly; an environment in which it becomes easier to make good decisions.

The team will also get a good hands-on introduction to the methodology. In this way, it will feel safe and familiar when you are seriously going to work with design sprints in the time afterwards.

Our goal is that it should be as simple as possible to introduce the working methodology into the working group. The most important thing is to build experience as early as possible, which is why we also offer support and coaching in the aftermath of the course.

What can design sprint be used for?

Design Sprint is perfect for creating new products or services, improving existing services, or structuring and improving work processes or customer journeys. The degree of complexity of the problem is almost inexhaustible, but if the problem is too simple, it can quickly turn into shooting sparrows with cannons.

Gaute usually jokes that he used design sprint so as not to lose control when arranging his own wedding party. Kinda true it is too!

In other words, the process can be used for most things. Hier u Increo we design sprint digital products, navigation system, subject systems, music festivals, service design, wilderness program and marketing campaigns.

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Portrett av Gaute Bjerke-Busch
Gaute Bjerke-Busch
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