About Increo

Increo is a design and technology agency with offices in Trondheim and Oslo, with about 40 digital heads with a heart for good user experiences, design and technology.

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We help businesses create products and services that people love to use. This is done through rapid innovation, robust development and continuous optimization.

The range of what we assist our clients with is huge

It goes from mental health knowledge databases, service development for sustainable clothing production, sales solutions in sports equipment and smart home products, as well as better tools for work and inclusion in health and care, to name a few.

Whatever the need, innovation, development or growth, we focus on time- and cost-efficient processes that ensure high-quality solutions.

What's it like to work with us?

At the core of our motivation with the customers we work with is that they focus on sustainability or deliver something that has societal benefits. It's a pleasure to work with clients who contribute to a better world - we want to be part of that!

One of our strengths is that we are an agency. As a customer, you work with a professional environment and you have access to all the expertise and experience we possess. It allows us to solve any challenge effectively. Having a good time in the workplace is important to us, which also shows in the work we do for our clients.

Increo was started in 1997 and along the way the agencies Klapp, Imbera and Uredd Designkontor have become part of what today constitutes Increo.

Hva kan vi hjelpe deg med?

Morten M Wikstrøm
Morten M Wikstrøm
CEO, Consulting
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Sebastian Krohn
Sebastian Krohn
Agency Manager, Consulting
988 00 306