How we think about sustainability in Increo

We challenge our customers and ourselves

At Increo, we are always working to develop and challenge our customers in the right direction regardless of industry. We are a solid agency with a startup mindset that makes us not afraid to try something new and challenge ourselves together with our clients.

We are always open to new ideas and would like to both challenge and be challenged by our customers and partners. Only together we can grow.

How can we contribute to a better world

We still have a long way to go and we see great potential in our industry to contribute to the green shift. Both through working with sustainability towards our customers, suppliers and strategic choices for our company.

Increo is fortunate to be environmentally certified through Environmental Lighthouse, which is a step in the right direction. We hope to inspire all our partners to become environmentally certified and collectively work towards a more sustainable industry.

Our good working environment drives us!

What characterizes the most skilled is the desire to always be better. And if you want to grow up, you need to have skilled people around you. This is how it is here at Increo — a diversity of competences, specializations, educations and backgrounds. We are focused on balancing work and leisure, and flexibility is high on the agenda. We have faith in each other and we really take care of each other.

We plan the social and professional replenishment well, so that all travel that is done is assessed as necessary — and our purchasing routine is followed. Gatherings with everyone from Trondheim and Oslo are very important now and again, as well as several more spontaneous gatherings at each of the offices throughout the year. We like to both spar about the academic stuff and talk about everything between heaven and earth.

Short Path to Improvements

With a reasonably flat structure, it's a short road to improvements. Your voice matters a lot, and good input quickly turns into adjustments and improvements. This means that environmentally committed employees have a short path to contribute to positive change. We are also very fond of having fun together, and therefore gather several times a year.

Possibility of influence in the early stages

Increo works to create and continuously improve digital solutions through consulting, process, design and development. We help our customers innovate, develop and digitize faster — creating new products and services that people love to use! And why are we doing this? By delivering profitable, world-class design-driven service innovation, we will contribute to the positive development of society by solving several of the challenges we face.

In this way, we can help influence our customers in a good sustainable direction, as we are often involved from a very early stage. We choose wisely who we work with, and are conscious of what we can influence.

If you would like more info about sustainability in inceo and climate accounting, send mail to