What's it like to work with us?

For us, it is important to be a good advisor and partner, not just a supplier. Customers who choose us do so because they have a long-term perspective -- and because they see that we have.

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What do we deliver?

Our basic idea is to create the most value for our customers as quickly as possible. That's why we work smoothly. With us, you do not get heavy projects that constantly take new detours, but an efficient process that quickly takes you from idea to launch.

When you come to us, there is no need for a completely finished idea of either the choice of technology or the path to the goal. You will solve a problem for a target audience, regardless of whether it is through a concrete application or a larger digitization project. Our specialty is to come up with a solution proposal in a short time that allows you Gain value from the first moment.

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How do we get to that?

The key is to take the process seriously, and we have a flexible toolkit with smart methodologies: Maybe growth hacking is right for you — maybe we see that you would benefit greatly from user testing or a design sprint. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, and we employ those tools that best solves your needs.

At the bottom lies an MVP mindset (minimum viable product), which can perhaps best be explained by an imaginary scenario. Imagine that you are going to create an application and you have two paths forward to the goal.

A) You guys spend a year making something that's really good.
B) You guys launch something that's good enough after 3 months, and spend the next 9 months perfecting it -- based on actual insights and user behavior.

Here in Increo we choose option B.

Why is that good for you guys?

The advantage of such a process, where we work in small, compartmentalized projects, is that we can make better products in less time. But it also minimizes the risk for you (...). Through transparency, honesty and close involvement, you can take ownership of the project and always see what your money is going to. Should something happen in the market, we can make necessary price adjustments -- or pull the plug out in time.

In Increo, you get a partner who sees design, development and process as one. Which, through close collaboration and deep insight, creates holistic solutions and amazing user experiences. And you get a partner who wants you to succeed.

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