At Increo, we work with a variety of CMS, coding languages and tools.

Code languages and tools:

For bespoke platforms such as this, we use one or more of the following tools, in a headless system architecture; React, Laravel, Sanity, Umbraco, and Native Script.

All with their pros and cons.
Questions that we must jointly consider include:

  • The individual needs of each market. How similar and different can and should they be?
  • My editorial needs - how much freedom and flexibility do you need?
  • Interaction and data flow with other systems, such as Amedia or CV portals.
  • Video meeting system - integrate existing system?
  • Payment functionality
  • Long Term and Future Needs

The answers to these questions will give us the foundation we need to suggest the best possible architecture and technology choices - We recommend that we undertake such mapping as part of the start-up & insights phase.

Vi skreddersyr digitale løsninger etter dine og kundenes behov, alltid med gode brukeropplevelser i fokus.

To personer snakker sammen ved et arbeidsbord