Open Source Tailoring
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Open source means that Umbraco is a CMS that gives you flexibility and allows for a great degree of tailoring.

The publishing solution is used by well over 700,000 websites as of 2023. When you have more advanced needs and need a customized solution, Umbraco is a good choice.

Why Choose Umbraco?

Umbraco CMS is built for ecommerce

In addition to being a versatile CMS, Umbraco is very well rigged for ecommerce. Ucommerce for Umbraco is a solution that handles e-commerce, but there are several. Vendr is another platform that works very well with Umbraco.

Tailoring makes it easy to use

Umbraco can be customized to suit your needs. To ensure that the work of the site is effective, it is important to remove unnecessary parts and use an understandable language in the publishing interface. That's something that's easy to do with Umbraco.

No license

Umbraco is open source, so there is no license fee and that type of cost.

A CMS that is reliable and thoroughly tested

Over 20 years of refining the codebase, implies that there is a lot of experience and testing built into the framework. The story goes that the CMS is more plug and play than other solutions.

Technical SEO is taken into account

Canonical tags, XML sitemaps and easy URL customization are SEO tools available out of the box with Umbraco. This is past the usual level of allowing you to define title tags and meta descriptions. If you have ambitions to perfect technical SEO, Increo can advise and suggest even more advanced technical measures that can be built into the solution.

There are a lot of Umbraco developers

Well over 200,000 worldwide, as of 2023! If you choose this platform, it's easy to hook up with in-house developers or non-Increos if you wish.

Questions about Umbraco?

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CEO, Consulting

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