Privacy Policy

This privacy statement contains information about what information we collect from users of our website and what we use it for.

At Increo AS, we aim to treat all personal data with respect and care. Based on functionality and user experience, we collect information from you who visit our website. We use this information to optimise the content of our website, look at usage patterns and tailor targeted advertising. To do this, we use cookies, also known as cookies, which you can read more about below.


Increo makes use of cookies, also called cookies. By using our website, you agree that we can put these in your browser.

Cookies are a standard Internet technology that the vast majority of websites use. A cookie is placed in your browser's internal memory, which allows us to better understand how you use the website. In the long run, we use this knowledge to offer you a better experience the next time you visit the website.

On your first visit, you will be asked if you accept the use of cookies. You can also choose which type of cookies you allow us to place. In addition, you can update your cookie consent at any time from the icon in the lower left corner.

Website owner and contact details
This website is developed and operated by
Increo AS
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Tel: 466 24,000
Org no.: NO 982 057 892 VAT

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By signing up for our newsletter, you consent to us storing your name and email address. This will be used to send out relevant information about our industry, technology, customer case and general updates from Increo. We make use of third party solutions to handle the mailing of the emails. This means that the information sent, including your email address, may remain stored with the third party as long as they keep logs for sending. Increo undertakes not to share your information with other parties and to use it only for the points mentioned herein. The information will be stored with us until you opt out of the newsletter.

Contact form

When you fill out our contact form, we store this information in our database. This information will remain stored for as long as it is relevant for us to maintain it, in order to provide better customer service. We strive not to take care of your details longer than necessary.

Website statistics

In order to optimize and further develop our website, we collect the necessary information about your visit to This includes, among other things, information about the browser you are using, as well as the operating system, screen size, device and duration of the visit. This information is stored with third parties such as Google Analytics and will remain stored there for the period specified by these services. The information is used only for internal review in connection with the optimization of the website and is not shared with outsiders.

Each visit to our website will also be logged on our servers and will contain information about IP address, browsers, operating systems, usage/navigation, etc. We use this information for troubleshooting and rectification of any discrepancies and is not shared with any third parties. The log files will be deleted after 1 year.


We have placed cookies from Facebook and Google, among others, on our website and use them to personalize digital ads and offers. This may cause you to see specified offers directed to you after visiting our website based on aggregated data from your visitor statistics.

Email communication

All emails sent to our support mail will be stored at Zendeskwhich we use as a ticketing system. These are logged as part of your customer relationship with us and will remain stored for up to three years after the case has been marked as resolved. We use this system to handle all incoming inquiries, as well as for logging actions and communications between the parties. This information is handled internally at Increo only and is not shared with any third parties.

Personal information

In connection with customer relations, we are required to collect information such as name, address, company number and other necessary information. We only use this information to process your customer relationship, such as responding to requests, executing orders or giving you access to the customer network.

We will keep the information you provide to us for the duration of our customer relationship. You have the right to access, rectify and delete the data we have stored about you. After the end of the customer relationship, we will also take care of the data for as long as we see fit. This is to help you with any history if you need it.

Responsible for processing

The General Manager of Increo AS is responsible for the processing of personal data collected at all times. The person concerned is responsible for ensuring that internal controls are carried out with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as for reporting and correcting any deviations from applicable policies and legislation.

We strive to comply with applicable privacy regulations at all times. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email at or call 466 24,000

Deviation form

If you have discovered a discrepancy between one of our services and our privacy policy, or with one of the services provided by us, we appreciate if you let us know via the following form: