Wordpress with WooCommerce

The world's most popular CMS seamlessly integrated with reliable e-commerce
One of the world's most widely used CMS solutions

Wordpress has 30% of the total publishing solutions (CMS) market in the world, according to BuiltWith. And WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions, which can also be seamlessly integrated into Wordpress.

Wordpress is very accessible, many providers claim to have expertise on this solution. But it can be hard to tell the difference between snot and mustaches in the market.

Increo has been working with Wordpress since 2013 and can say with confidence that one knows best practise and bad practise well. In addition, the developers at Increo have a high level of expertise in PHP - the coding language Wordpress is based on. We know:

We have several questions that you should ask yourself and ask your partner for the development of your Wordpress WooCommerce online store. At Increo you will get good answers, which will make your project fit your budget, ambition and not least have predictability and operational stability.

Why Choose Wordpress and WooCommerce?


Wordpress is constantly being developed and used by millions. Central solutions such as payment solutions, shipping solutions and other third-party solutions facilitate Wordpress WooCommerce, which helps make the whole experience very user-friendly.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world

At the time of writing, WooCommerce ranks fourth in Norway for e-commerce solutions. It makes it safe to choose this solution for e-commerce.

Search Engine Optimization and Ease of Use

Wordpress is basically built to take into account technical best practice and there are plugins — eg Yoast SEO that make it user-friendly and educational to work with SEO. Increo has its own dedicated SEO specialists, who know Wordpress and how to apply the principles of search engine optimization in your articles, products and other page types to get optimal visibility in Google.

Multisite — manage the content of multiple websites from Wordpress WooCommerce installation

As with Sanity, Wordpress is built to handle many sites from one “install”. If you plan to engage in e-commerce towards multiple markets - then Wordpress WooCommerce in Multisite is well suited as a publishing solution.

Some of our Wordpress WooCommerce Projects

Britannia Hotel

Room booking, sign-ups, and online store

Britannia has a reputation as Norway's finest hotel, this was recreated in the website

Order flow, inspiring content and cross-platform system integration

Kommer snart label

Watch Store Bjerke

Online shopping and marketing of physical stores

Watchmaker Bjerke is an authorized dealer of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and a wider range of watches in the luxury segment.

With physical stores and online stores, the website is central as a sales support and as a trading space alone.

Questions about Wordpress or WooCommerce?

Lurer du på noe angående tekniske løsninger, valg av CMS eller andre ting. Ta gjerne kontakt, eller bare fyll ut kontaktskjemaet.

Morten M Wikstrøm
CEO, Consulting

Famous brands that make use of Wordpress