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New Britannia Hotel — a five-star digital experience

Creating a website for a hotel may sound uncomplicated. But then Britannia isn't just a hotel.

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The agency Nonspace had done a phenomenal job around the reopening of the venerable Britannia hotel. Hard work with communication and identity paid off: Soon eyes from all over the world were on Dronningens gate in Trondheim. When they asked us to be their digital partner, we didn't hurt to pray. With a lot of pride -- and a little awe -- we set off.


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The challenge — a digital experience

Britannia is so much more than a place to spend the night. It has 5 dining establishments, as many stars and a spa. There are 150 years of history in the walls, Michelin star and veneration. It is part of the soul of Trondheim. How could we recreate this feeling digitally? How could we ensure a good experience for all visitors — from before check-in to after check-out? That the visit to the restaurant started already on the website?

Since Britannia is not part of a traditional chain, they needed a completely new solution. It had to be first-class.

The mobile version of the website of Britannia hotel

Here's how we solved it

At Britannia's new website, we've allowed old traditions to fuse with innovative technology. Digital experiences are created by interactivity, and that requires a state-of-the-art front-end. Identity and communication are propelled by an enormous complexity under the hood.

Many lines of code in particular have gone along to make all integrations and systems work as seamlessly together as possible. Room booking, spa, restaurant experiences, registration for group lessons at the fitness center and online store.

We have worked hard on details in the design and SEO. By adapting the content in English and Norwegian, we have been able to cater for both famous guests and the ordinary Trønder. We created an online store that sells plaids and pillows, among other things — and built our own gift card configurator. Here you can choose the amount, type of delivery, print and packaging. To date, an incredible number of gift cards have been sold.

Two-part image with woman's hands holding a tablet with the website of Britannia hotel and a close-up of serving caviar

More than systems

Yes, it should be easy and user-friendly to book a room or request a conference. At the same time, we will also tell the story of Britain. It's about people and events. What if the 150-year-old walls could talk?

Here, among other things, we have given life to Nonspace's idea of Britannia hotel as a collector of stories — and created the digital magazine “The Collector”. Scroll through and read tales of all that has gone on in the venerable hotel. Did you know, for example, that this is where Nansen signed the declaration of Norway's secession from Sweden?

In addition, we have built a cultural calendar that tells you what happens during your stay. What concerts and events can you visit?

Britannia can grace itself with membership in “The Leading Hotels of the World”. It obliges. Together with Nonspace and the hotel, we have worked towards a common goal of creating the world's best digital solution for hotels.

But we continue to optimize. The search for the perfect never stops.

Two-part image with hands holding a mobile with the website of Britannia hotel, and a close-up of serving Afternoon Tea

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