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If you work strategically with SEO (search engine optimization), your company will have more weight to rank higher on important keywords in Google, thus ensuring more relevant and profitable traffic to the website.

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Why is SEO important?

  • On average, one person searches Google 3-4 times in one day.
  • 75% of applicants relate only to the first results page.
  • 55% only look at the top 3 results in the organic search.

These reasons are why you should take search engine optimization seriously -- it doesn't help a great website if no one can find it. Through smooth process, where SEO advisor is involved with the team all the way, your solution will be SEO-optimized at every stage. From URL structure and navigation to publishing content.

Optimization for the user and search engines

A user-friendly website is not only useful to the user itself, but also a very positive ranking factor for the website's visibility. At the same time, surely we want those who come in via search to actually convert? The best results come when SEO, design and development work together as a team. By obtaining enough user insights Before anything is designed and developed, we can structure the website optimally for both the user and search engines.

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SEO optimization we can assist you with

  • SEO Analyses
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Structure and UX
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content planning
  • Optimization of texts
  • Course/Training

Tailor-made strategy with SEO advisor

Depending on what your company's goals and objectives are, our SEO advisors will tailor an SEO strategy with you. We offer SEO in Trondheim and Oslo. If you are going to redesign and develop a new website, search engine optimization should be focused from the start to ensure a well-optimized structure and technical solution. In order to optimize your current website, through an SEO analysis you can get a list of measures and suggestions for SEO strategy that will increase your visibility in search engines such as Google. Our SEO advisors can also follow up the work with monthly checks of your website.

Continuous SEO work for increased visibility

After launching a new website or online store, we follow the results and help you analyze, optimize and lay out a strategy and plan for further work. Through continuous work, we can find opportunities for ranking and content, make effective adjustments based on season, trends or industry trends — and ensure that your solution is always optimized for the most important keywords and thereby increase traffic to your website.

Do you want to get started with search engine optimization that delivers more traffic and a high level of accuracy digital solution? Contact us for help with setting up an SEO strategy for your website.

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