A website is never completely finished. In order to maintain and not least increase traffic and conversions, one must constantly work on improving the user experience and content of the website. At Increo, we focus on 3 areas: Analytics and user insights, SEO and content optimization and growth hacking.

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Analytics and User Insights

If you want to work on website optimization, it is first and foremost important to gain enough user insight to choose the right focus area for increased growth. In addition, it is important to define what you want to improve on the website, related to the tasks you have defined that the website will deliver.

Are there any sites that have a lower conversion rate than others? How many people actually click the sign up button? Does anyone even come to the page where you sign up? Does the page have good enough rankings on the pages that are important? What pages do users land on first when they come to your website?

Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Data

There are many good ways to gain more insight into how your website works for users. We often start with quantitative data that analyzes your traffic - it gives us an overall picture on which pages or areas are not giving us as good results as we would like. Then we can make some hypotheses and thoughts about possible challenges that we use qualitative data to gain more insight around. This can be through functionality for feedback, talking to actual users or customer service, or conducting a user test with the target audience.

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SEO and Content Optimization

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, SEO is an important factor to consider. In today's society, the answer to most things can be found on Google. If you're not visible in search results when your target audience Googles products, services or information you can offer, you're missing out on a lot of potential users.

After launching a new website or online store, we follow the results and help you analyze, optimize and lay out a strategy and plan for further work. Through continuous work, we can find opportunities for ranking and content, make effective adjustments based on season, trends or industry trends — and ensure that your solution is always optimized for the most important keywords and thereby increase traffic to your website.

Tailor-made SEO strategy

Depending on what your company's goals and objectives are, our SEO advisors will tailor an SEO strategy with you. We offer SEO in Trondheim and Oslo. If you are going to redesign and develop a new website, search engine optimization should be focused from the start to ensure a well-optimized structure and technical solution. In order to optimize your current website, through an SEO analysis you can get a list of measures and suggestions for SEO strategy that will increase your visibility in search engines such as Google. Our SEO advisors can also follow up the work with monthly checks of your website.

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Growth hacking

We look at the entire user journey and implement effective processes to find the best growth strategies. Growth hacking is the “secret” weapon used by Google, Netflix, Amazon and Salesforce for growth. An iterative, hypothesis- and data-driven process, with a focus on growth. How to get more customers or increase earnings with affordable solutions?

If we start with the customer or user experience of your service or product: What happens if we make this experience better, easier, faster or more enjoyable?

Read also about the growth sprint here - a hybrid method of design sprint and growth hacking.

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