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Every business innovates. We do that by creating something new, because it adds more value than what we did before. This “new” can be better work processes, new tools - or new products or services that we offer. Innovation therefore has a direct impact on the productivity and economy of the enterprise, if the “new” is actually exploited by the people for which it was created.

Here at Increo, we are fortunate to take part in our customers' innovation processes every single day. Either by facilitating innovation processes - or by bringing innovations to life with technology.

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Our experience is that getting started with innovation can be frustrating, and this applies as much to large businesses as to small and start-ups. And both the public and private sectors. That is why we have joined DOGA's efforts to increase competence and methodological knowledge in Norwegian companies.

What is DOGA?

DOGA is part of the government's Innovation and Value Creation Instrument, where you can both apply for monetary support for design-driven innovation processes - and get free introductory courses in innovation process.

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A course for the whole team

Driving innovation processes forward is demanding if it all rests on the determination and drive of a leader. It is the common driving force of teams made up of employees with different skills and different roles that turn out time and again to create new useful solutions. DOGA's in-depth course in design-driven innovation is a practical course scheme in which the entire team is trained in design methodology as part of the innovation process itself.

The course is designed as a structured innovation process in which the team conducts and trains on facilitating workshops with the aim of creating prototypes of real solutions and testing these on users or customers. In this way, the team receives both a proven framework for innovation - but also a practical guide to use, so that the team can work methodically further to create new solutions for the business.

6 course modules

The course consists of 6 modules that are completed in half a day each (3.5 hours). In addition, two days of fieldwork have been put in during which the team works on insight work and solution testing. The team is working on a concrete challenge from their own business.

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This is what you get

The in-depth course in design-driven innovation gives you the core competencies and mindset you need to work more purposefully with innovation.

The great advantage of the course is that you will be working on a real challenge from your own business that you want to solve.

Once you have completed the course you will be left with

  • a proposal for a solution to your challenge
  • a plan for how the solution can be implemented
  • a method of innovation that increases the chances of success
  • practical tools that you can use in your daily work
  • Better understanding of your users' needs

The method

The framework, which is based on well-known design thinking methodology, has been assembled by DOGA and tested by professional designers across industries.

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INCREO is certified

The designers at INCREO are certified DOGA course holders and have hundreds of innovation projects under their belt. Please feel free to contact us for a chat about the course and the innovation processes you want to embark on.

When you start innovation processes in your business, you can combine the project with increasing the level of competence of all employees involved. Increo is from 2024 certified course holders in DOGA's in-depth course in design-driven innovation

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