Web analytics and user insights

In order to create good user experiences online, we depend entirely on obtaining good and correct user insights. It allows us to better understand end users, and to familiarize ourselves with their challenges and everyday lives.

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Good insight work is essential for the right decision-making basis

The best results come when we do good insight work, before anything has to be designed and developed. It will give you a better basis to make decisions in the process. There is also a lot to gain from gaining insights along the way in the process, for example via user testing. When what we have created is on the air and in use, insight is also gold to find out what needs to be adjusted and worked on further to make the solution even better.

We can assist you with

  • web analytics
  • user testing
  • customer surveys
  • interviews and observation
  • Heatmaps
  • A/B tests
  • SEO Analyses

The analysis and insights that are relevant to your company depend on the solution you have, what changes you envision and the goals you have set for your company. A web analysis gives you a good overview of how traffic moves around the website, while a user test can tell you how users actually want to solve a task.

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