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Join us at Design Sprint, a groundbreaking approach that will revolutionize the way you approach product development. With Design Sprint, we have again and again created outstanding results and accelerated growth for some of the nation's most exciting businesses.

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Design sprint - four days until something you can show off

At Increo, we understand the struggles you face in today's fast-changing market. That's why we've developed our Design Sprint service, to help you navigate through these challenges and drive your project forward with clarity, speed and efficiency.

On only four days together we develop a prototype that can be tested on your target audience. What else are you left with after these four days? Five things - read on:

A product your customers will love

Our Design Sprint is a bespoke process that helps you create and develop cutting-edge products. We work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, creating a prototype that meets your customers' requirements and expectations.


With our Design Sprint, you get cost-effective solutions. By identifying and validating potential ideas early in the process, we reduce the risk of costly mistakes and ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Design Sprint gives you a unique opportunity to market and communicate your product in an effective way. We help you identify the most compelling and unique characteristics of your product or service, so you can reach your target audience with a powerful and compelling message.


We help you strategically position your product in the market. Through the Design Sprint process, we identify opportunities, competitors and potential partners. We facilitate making well-reasoned decisions about how to position yourself for success.

The best people

A successful Design Sprint relies on a team with the right skills and perspectives. We bring together a bespoke team of experts - designers, developers, marketers and policy makers, to ensure all the important voices are heard. Through a collaborative and inclusive approach, we create fertile ground for the best ideas.

This is for those who want to create

  • a product your customers will love, to
  • an effective pricewhere you have
  • leverage, and with the right
  • visibility, created with
  • the best people

What are you waiting for? Let's talk together and get you up and flying right away! Get in touch with our experienced advisors today and we'll see how our Design Sprint service can help you achieve your specific needs and goals.

Course in design sprint

Increo also provides training, coaching, facilitation and process management within the working method design sprint for your company.

Read more about courses in design sprint here!

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