Overvinne Design and Brand Sprints

From minimum solution to launch in just two months.

Overvinne app shown on a mobile

Overvinne will improve mental health by combining interactive and Warm-Technology with evidence-based psychological interventions. Or in other words, do their best to provide users with the truest and latest tools.

When Overvinne came to us in the summer of 2019 they had a minimum solution and a fragmented user journey. They were working towards a tight two-month deadline and we therefore used design sprint to validate the concept and lock onboarding and user experiences for new users.

The prototype looks and feels like a real product

It was especially important to test the registration and the trust and security that first-time visitors experience in meeting with a digital psychologist.

Excerpt of many parts of the Overvinne app

Image from workshop and Overvinne app shown on mobile

Updated visual identity

Ahead of the design sprint, we had also run a brand sprint where we updated the visual identity so that the prototype being tested was as realistic and close to the finished product as possible.

Overvinne booking system

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