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We build the web solution you need and create great user experiences that benefit your business. Now, and in the future. The end user is always in focus, and through a smooth process and the right choice of technology for your needs, we create solutions that drive increased traffic and conversions growth.

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What kind of digital solution do you need?

To give you a good picture of how we can create the best solution for you, we need to get a better understanding of what the goal of the new website is. What tasks should users solve? Who is your target audience and how are you going to help them with their challenges? Do you have a long-term goal with the digital solution - what will it look like in 5 years? The more you have thought through in advance, the easier it is to give you the best advice and give you a realistic plan and estimate for the way forward.

The right CMS for your needs

There are a wide range of CMSs to choose from. Which makes it not always easy to know which one is right for your business. Functionality and scalability are two of several important considerations to take in choosing a CMS, while at the same time it is important to make a profitable choice for the short and long term. We help you choose the right CMS that meets your needs and goals - and that can grow with your business.

Information websites

For websites intended for information dissemination and content publishing, without any advanced functionality, the CMS Webflow and Sanity are often good alternatives. These solutions sacrifice some functionality for less complexity. This offers advantages such as shorter time to market and an easier user experience for those who manage the content.

Webflow is a no-code CMS, which means we don't have to involve developers to implement the design, but that designer can implement themselves. A smaller link in the process leads to less need for hours, and in other words, the solution can also be launched faster.

Sanity is a more minimalist and content based CMS. CMSet is tailored to contain only what you need and therefore provides a neat and easy user experience for those who manage the content. At the same time, it is built on a powerful and modern framework that allows us to more quickly implement your needs.

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Complex business systems with more functionality

For business systems that need additional functionality and the ability to integrate with third-party solutions, we will tailor a solution specifically tailored to your needs and the features needed. Tailoring is our core expertise and we have extensive experience in creating business systems that provide a seamless user experience.

Tailor-made solution with less constraints

If you need more complex functionality, it may be better to choose a more comprehensive CMS. Wordpress, Umbraco or our own Wondercode are all systems that come with a little more functionality out of the box. These are designed to build complex customizations over a solid base package, and will allow us to tailor to your needs with few constraints.

Wordpress is the world's most widely used CMS, and therefore will be known to many. This has also led Wordpress to come with a large variety of add-ons and extensions that quickly allow us to build comprehensive solutions. The system is flexible and can therefore suit either you just have a smaller information page, or a larger online store with more integrations.

Umbraco is a modern and reputable CMS that supports more complex extensions. CMSet comes with many options for add-ons and extensions that make it ideal for e.g. online stores.

Wondercode is our own CMS, which we have been developing and improving for over 10 years. Wondercode can be tailored to even the most complex requirements of functionality and integrations.


In addition to a CMS that suits your needs, your solution must also have an external face — a front end. For some solutions, a so-called coupled approach may be the right one. This means that the front end and backend (as well as your CMS) are built as one application. Often, however, a headless solution will be best. This implies that the frontend is built as a separate application that talks to the backend (and your CMS) through an API.

Such a headless solution can provide great benefits when it comes to scalability of your solution and makes it relatively easy to subsequently add support for your service on multiple digital surfaces. Headless also means that we can build your frontend with powerful frameworks, like React, that quickly allow us to build great user experiences.

Read more about headless CMS here.

A digital solution is never complete

We work long-term with our customers, which is why the further development of their solution is in continuous process. We believe that is a criterion for success today — you need to constantly adjust and adapt to keep up with the changes in the market and user behavior of your product or service.

Read more about how we create growth through continuous insight and analysis here

Need help developing and designing an online or ecommerce solution?

We deliver solutions that are easy to use, edit, operate and maintain — no matter what technologies we use. Contact us and tell us what needs you have for your new solution, and we will talk together about what opportunities and solutions we can contribute.

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