How we shortened the buying process with smart use of data

Some products require more extensive purchasing processes. But with good digital experiences, you can make your customer journey easier, funnier and smoother. Check out how we brought solar cells to the people -- and were rewarded with the Gold Tag for it.

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Norgeseliten is one of Norway's largest electrical wholesalers. A few years ago, they came to us with an idea: They would sell solar panels through an online service. Could we help them with a name, a concept -- and to build a simple and obvious process out of it all? The answer was yes, the name became Solelite, and the solution pretty cool.

The challenge — “no hassle”

For quite a few homeowners, rooftop solar cells are essentially a no-brainer. You can produce your own short-stay electricity — completely without interference from nature. You take part in the green shift, while saving money. This is something that many people want, but that fewer people do anything about. Translated: The threshold is too high. There's too much friction in the sales race.

Although the panels themselves are shelf-stable, it requires advanced installation. Who is going to do this -- and what will it cost? And for those who haven't thought about it: Does it really fit my residence? How much energy can I produce? All this we had to communicate in a user-friendly solution. Both the why and how should be made clear as day. The solar elite's users should not have to grope in the dark.

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Here's How We Solved It -- Pioneering Agile

Often it is the case that the simpler something is in the front end, the more complex it is under the hood. This is a crowning example of that. Every action, every obstacle and every rock in the shoe the user should be allowed to drop must somehow be coded away into the backend. The way we did it here led to us being rewarded with the Gold Tag for best use of data. We think that's pretty cool.

At Soleliten, you don't have to do anything but enter your address. When you press “calculate my ceiling,” the intricate cogs start spinning. The system uses map databases, locates your house and extracts information about your roof surfaces from public data sources. Based on angles, sky direction and area, Soleliten calculates the number of units you can place on each roof — and how much energy you can produce with them.

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A bright future

That's not all, of course. In addition to the estimated production - easily explained with examples - you naturally get your own cost. The support from Enova comes out clearly in the math. The solution also calculates the nearest installer and estimated delivery time. If you want to make manual configurations, you can tap into settings. Here, for example, you can select several ceilings or change the color of the panels. is a project that started with a simple problem and ended with something innovative. The concept rests on a lot of business logic -- and the solution to a little technical feat.

That's the kind of thing you get really happy with.

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