Operations and management

High security and performance do not come by themselves. Through continuous management, we at Increo ensure that your solution works optimally. This is how you get the best results — and a good night's sleep.

Bricks that are built like a wall

Regular updates and maintenance

A digital solution, like most other things, requires regular maintenance. Maybe more than you think: You need to update firewalls and antivirus, constantly scan for new points of attack -- and patch all vulnerabilities.

In addition, the tools and technology that hold your solution together require, too maintenance. If you want to protect yourself from attacks and have high performance and uptime, it is not only necessary to update the servers: the entire ecosystem must be at the forefront.

How do we do it in Increo?

The solutions we create in Increo, we host ourselves in our own environment. This means that we — and by extension you as a customer — have full control over the solution.

Since we at any time have people working operationally with operations, you can rest assured that your solutions get the attention they need — when they need it. During working hours, it is also easy to get ceiling in us.

Having control on your own servers also creates flexibility. If you need to set up something that requires some work, such as an integration with a third-party system, our skilled operational staff can fix it — and make sure it runs smoothly.

Our Service Portfolio

We also know that most customers want to deal with the fewest possible suppliers. Therefore, we are always expanding our service portfolio, and today we can offer, among other things:

  • Hosting — tailor-made solutions for platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android or Apple.
  • GDPR - do you think the GPDR can be difficult to maneuver? We help you with compliance.
  • Registrar — we are an approved registrar, and through us you get full control of your domains, DNS and SSL certificates.
  • Google Partners — Google account and Gmail for your entire business? Through us, you can easily buy — and get help setting up — a variety of Google services, such as email, Drive, Maps, Ads, and cloud APIs.

Safe, fast and stable solutions

At the end of the day, it's about your solution. work as best as possible after it has gone live. It can mean Continuous optimization through analytics and SEO, and that can mean uncompromising on safety and performance.

For a number of years, Increo has provided secure, fast and stable solutions for our customers, and we intend this to continue. The key is to take the work seriously.

If you have questions about the operation of your specific solution, please contact your project manager.

Curious about how we work with operations more generally? Get in touch with Sebastian.

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