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We have over 20 years of experience in tailoring web solutions and systems, and are a reliable partner with high expertise in several different code languages and technologies.

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For web development, we mainly use .NET and C#, or PHP, in combination with, for example, React, Laravel, Angular, Less and Javascript.


The backend is roughly the foundation of a digital solution. It does not show very well, but is absolutely necessary in order for the solution to stand steady.

Our expertise is to program custom-made systems according to the customer's needs and to put in place the necessary integrations with third parties; for example, the customer's financial system, business systems, payment solutions and the like.


The front end is closely linked to user experience, as that is the part of the code that deals with visual presentation and what actually encounters the user.

As an example, it does not help that the interaction design is good if it takes ten seconds to load content and the user perceives the website as slow.

The frontend developer is the one who ensures that the solution feels good to use, and not only spots well out. In addition to putting in place the visuals in collaboration with the designer, it is all about small interactions, transitions and speed.

For this we have dedicated front-end developers who are constantly updated on the latest technology.

Need help with web development of a digital solution?

Our expertise is Tailoring of digital solutions, and has a full team consisting of developers, designers, digital advisors and SEO expertise. Need a new digital solution but don't quite know how to get started? Get in touch with us and we'll help you look at technology opportunities and current solutions for your business.

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