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Are you seen by everyone? We are committed to creating digital solutions that everyone can use, regardless of functional ability. This allows us to achieve better usability for everyone and that you do not miss valuable traffic to your website because some are excluded.

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What is the universal design of ICT?

In Norway, it is required by law that the vast majority of websites and applications must meet a variety of requirements for universal design, cf. regulations on the universal design of ICT.

To achieve this, designers, developers and editors must work closely together and meet the requirements of their fields of expertise.

Universal design is about designing digital solutions so that we take into account the variation in functional capacity that exists in the population. Then we also reach those with disabilities, avoiding that anyone falls outside digitally.

New requirements from February 2023 – all public websites must have an accessibility declaration

As of February 2023, all public companies are required to meet a total of 47 WCAG requirements on their online solution. In order to publish the availability declaration, you are obliged to test the 47 requirements against your solution, so that you have the basis to complete the declaration. The accessibility declaration requirement applies to public companies, but we also recommend private companies to follow the same requirement to ensure good solutions that are functional for everyone. Read more about accessibility declaration.

Read more about Accessibility Declaration at uutilsynet

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Our expertise — how can we contribute?

At Increo, we have good expertise in universal design and the requirements that need to be in place for your web solution. Through thorough testing procedures for WCAG requirements, we quality-check your network solution against the requirements required. After completing the check, you will receive a report with the results for your website and the measures that need to be taken to meet the requirements that need to be in place. For public entities, this will be the basis of the accessibility statement. The measures may be improvement in the design, development or in the actual content of the website.

We have a full overview of The WCAG requirements that must be met, and a basic understanding of the requirements and why universal design is so important. By working with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving good advice in the process.

Universal design makes the internet better for everyone

Many of the principles of universal design intended to help those with disabilities benefit the ease of use also for the able-bodied. See just a few examples from everyday life here:

  • Providing a good enough contrast level between colors is important for those with low vision, but also for someone with good vision when out in the sun.
  • Clear language and clear structure of the content can help someone with dyslexia or difficulty concentrating, making the content easy to read also for everyone else.
  • Subtitled videos or a text summary are a necessity for people who don't hear. Plus, it's great for a person who sits on the bus and has left their headphones at home.

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