Design-Driven Innovation

Design-driven innovation is a method of working with innovation and development that creates more relevant, user-friendly and effective solutions. Tools, processes and methods are based on design thinking, a design philosophy based on a deep understanding of the user's needs and situation.

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Increased Competitiveness, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Through prototyping and continuous testing, new products and services are developed incrementally. In this way, the client avoids developing services that are not in line with what the market wants and the service or product can be adjusted and adapted as new user insights become available.

The overall goal of what is created and developed is that it should contribute to increased competitiveness, customer satisfaction and profitability for you as a customer and product owner.

The design process is based on deep user understanding, needs clarifications, situation descriptions and a holistic view of the role that specific service plays in people's lives. Only then will it be possible to design solutions that are relevant, effective and user-friendly — solutions that provide good user experiences!

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Inclusive service design

In a society where more and more of our daily tasks are digitized, it is more important than ever to create services and systems that are easy to use for the entire population. Services previously offered via physical meeting points (e.g. banking and welfare services) are now almost exclusively left to digital platforms. This can lead to major challenges for users. Especially for those who lack the experience, abilities or technological tools that the majority of the population assumed two gardens. Het verhaal is dat is het meest van de ondersteuning te faciliteiten om de digitale diensten te gebruiken.

A good service design is about planning, structuring and developing systems and user interfaces that are accessible to everyone. The systems should be streamlined and easy to use — even those with different prerequisites than “most people”.

Digital product development

To meet new needs in the market or change in strategy, often the answer will be to focus on product development — either improving existing ones or developing new ones. Customers today have great demands for a product to be practical, sustainable, safer or user-friendly. We can either be the catapult that accelerates a project or assist throughout the process from idea to launched product.

Design sprint

Design sprint is design-driven innovation in its own right. Design sprint is a proven and established method for effectively developing a prototype that is tested on actual target audience. Instead of wasting time and money developing a ready-made solution, design sprint will give you the answers you are looking for in just 4 days.

Good user experiences contribute to growth

Good user experiences are also key to strong growth and strong brands. We have the knowledge, methods and tools to help you create solutions that work and can be tested quickly on your target audience.

Increo's teams have the experience and expertise to facilitate the entire process, from user insights to identification of barriers, from improvement and development to prototyping, user testing and completion of a service.

If we start with the customer or user experience of your service or product: What happens if we make this experience better, easier, faster or more enjoyable?

As designers, we have a social responsibility: we will help develop solutions that everyone enjoys, regardless of experience, abilities or technological tools. At the same time, we will create the systems that are — ecologically, culturally, socially and economically.

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