Disruption in the riverbed

At Increo, we try to please everyone. This time it was all about salmon for everyone.

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Obtaining a fishing license has not always been a narrow issue. If you like to stand in the stream with wading boots, you know exactly what we are talking about. If you've ever dreamed of getting the king of the river on the hook, you've traditionally had to know a landowner — or know someone who knows someone. No fishing license, no fishing.

“The collaboration with Increo has been good from the start. Together with them, we have carried out 3 major development projects to develop our platform for the dissemination and management of salmon fishing. What started as a simple project has through the process evolved greatly and is today is large and advanced system with a lot of smart features. Morten Wikstrøm has good control over the project management, and with the teamwork between Marcin and Vladimir, we have achieved an incredible amount in a short time.”
Patrick Gimmestad Emblem, General Manager of Elvefiske AS

The challenge — more than a booking solution

Although the market for fishing licenses has not been professionalized, salmon fishing is strictly zoned. For reasons of stock and environment, the season lasts only 3 months. If you get fish, you have to report it in. Do you get not fish, you need to report into it and. This has not been just easy in a partly untransparent market.

Then the river guide came on the field. The service works a bit like Airbnb, only that it's fishing rights they rent out. When they came to us, it started out as a pretty simple booking solution. But the product quickly took off — the River Guide was about to end an entire market. This new demand was supposed to require bespoke digital solutions. Because how do we put this in a system that serves both the landowner and the fisherman? Yes, that simply makes everyone happy?

Map function on riverguiden.no with small snippets of other features above

How we solved it — Elveguiden.no

New Elveguiden.no, which we have created from scratch, is far more than just a website. Landowners can log in to a dashboard, where they have full control of absolutely everything. Here they control the fishing licenses they sell, pricing, river and valley information — and the capacity in them. They also have a system for dealing with the disinfection of equipment when fishermen move from river to river (yes, it's an important thing!).

In addition, we have built an app that makes the process playful also for the fisherman. You can tap in, search for a river or find the nearest one on a map. Read information about the different rivers, and with a few taps you can find your way to a village — and buy the card you want. When your fishing license expires, it says in your app: “Have you caught fish?”. It has never been easier to report your fishing accident to the relevant authorities.

“The solution we are working on today is by far the best and most modern on the market. Much due to good solutions and fast delivery, our company has grown at great speed, and during 2020 will already be Norway's largest portal for salmon fishing and salmon management. We currently have both web and app solutions for our platform, and the feedback from customers and end users on the system we have today is incredibly good.”
Two-part photo with mobiles showing the River Guide on mobile on the left and close-up of flies for fly fishing on the right

Waterfalls still to come

This has always been more of a product than a project. That's how we like to work. We have continuously improved and developed — and the customer has been actively involved in regular status meetings. Among other things, it has led to even more cool features over time:

  • If you enter the rye you just got in the app, you get a separate “salmon exchange” with an overview of the catch in the different whales. What kind of equipment was used, and how big was actually Your fish, honestly? Such statistics are fun, but also important.
  • We have built functionality that also allows property owners to sell accommodation and package solutions directly through Elveguide.
  • Are you part of a river ownership team consisting of several landowners? No problem — we have created a separate login page for you.

And so it shall continue. The river guide isn't finished -- and neither are we. For this is how we have learned from the mackerel; If we are to avoid sinking, we must move.

“Increo's greatest strength is quality and efficiency. In a short time with very tight deadlines, they have delivered a product with high quality. It is easy to connect, and when challenges arise, these are resolved quickly. This has been crucial to Elveguiden's development in recent years. It is noted that Increo is a company that values the customer relationship and gladly goes the extra mile to deliver top quality.”

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