User Testing

User testing is an ingenious method of uncovering usability issues in a digital solution. It is done both on a large and small scale, and can be done approximately at any time in a project, or for digital solutions that exist from before.

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What is user testing?

User testing is done by constructing a test environment, where we invite people from the target group to come and perform tasks in the digital solution. By putting this into the system, we can analyze how users respond to the tasks and find out where the shoe presses. Next, we know what should be improved and adjusted.

It is advisable to user test as often as possible, and as early as possible. If you create something new, it is advantageous that the user test is carried out early — preferably before very many weeks have passed for development, for example. This minimizes the risk of unnecessary work, which will have to be corrected later.

Our expertise in the field

  • User testing in lab
  • Digital remote testing
  • A/B testing
  • Guerrilla testing
  • Content Testing

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Increased conversion with A/B testing

A/B testing is an ingenious method to work with to increase conversion rates. By testing two versions with small and obvious changes, one will be able to see which factors trigger users best to purchase or desired action. Learn more about the method in our previous post about conversion optimization with A/B testing.

Why is user testing important?

We have previously written about five good reasons to prioritize user testing. You get the headlines here:

  1. We can't “pretend to be the user”, we need actual users
  2. What users say they do often doesn't match up with what they actually do
  3. A good friend in a process
  4. Minimize risk and prioritize
  5. It is always possible to conduct a user test

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