This is how we created Uber for breastfeeding helpers

New mothers often burn inside with questions about both breastfeeding and maternal health. Ammehjelpen service does something about it. And they won't let outdated technology stand in the way of helping even more people -- even better.

Sigrid Anita Rømma
Project Management, Consulting

In Norway, there are about 250 breastfeeding assistants. These are volunteer enthusiasts who work unpaid to spread important knowledge about breastfeeding to new mothers. Many of them are health professionals. And Breastfeeding Aid matches curious moms with the right person who can help them.

The Challenge

By the time the Breastfeeding Aid came to us, it had started to creak in the old machinery. The website was simply technically outdated and cumbersome for breastfeeding aides and users of the site.

The order and the goal they brought to us was, of course, the opposite. Should the breastfeeding helpers use this actively, this would have to be easy for all users of the solution. It had to work more like a app, even if it wasn't. Did everything work seamlessly, it would also become easier to recruit new breastfeeding helpers -- and mothers would have shorter waits.

To start at the right end

As usual, we started with the crucial success criterion: insights.

Through several rounds of surveys, we received invaluable feedback from those who have used — and will use — the system. Now we knew exactly where the shoe pressed.

And everyone won

The front-end was tweaked so that breastfeeding aides now get straight to the choices they use most often. The navigation itself is far more responsive — and the information is easier to navigate.

We also solved one of the big challenges; not all breastfeeding assistants are experts in everything — how to most effectively find the right person for each inquiry? We solved this by developing an advanced ticketing system that allows administrators to easily match mothers with helpers.

This, combined with a feature that lets breastfeeding helpers manage their own availability, has reduced waiting times for mother and lifted the user experience for the volunteer everyday heroes.

The Process of the Times

In Increo, we find the best solutions when we are served the problem itself, not just a requirement specification. The Breastfeeding Helpers quickly realized that. They let us work freely, showed us confidence -- and have been open to new ideas all the way. The most important thing for them, and us, was that the product turned out well.

And it became. Finally, the Breastfeeding Aid has got a system as good as it is important.

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