Get to know WordPress and Wondercode as a CMS system

In this post, we will tell a little more about WordPress and Wondercode as a CMS system, and what is the difference between open and closed source.

Sebastian Krohn
Agency Manager, Consulting

WordPress: Open Source

WordPress is a highly flexible, secure and mature publishing tool, which is in use on millions of websites.

Based on open source, WordPress websites have become one of the world's most quality-assured, flexible, and well-documented publishing tools. Among the standard functionality of WordPress we find an easy-to-use system for content editing and publishing, modular management of extensions and a robust user and login system.

WordPress is based on the PHP code language. WordPress is not subject to ongoing licensing costs, but requires monthly updates and maintenance.

WordPress also offers the online store solution WooCommerce which is very suitable for simpler online stores with less functionality and integrations. Read more about WooCommerce online store here.

Read more about WordPress here:

Wondercode: Proprietary CMS for websites and ecommerce

Wondercode is our own CMS system, based on the .NET code language. It is one of the few CMS developed in Norway and is a very flexible system that is particularly well suited to online stores.

Unlike WordPress, it does not need the same frequency of updates and maintenance, but is subject to ongoing license. Simplicity is the key word, and the user should be able to easily modify and manage all content themselves. The publishing tool has a basic module (Core), and a number of additional modules that allow the website to be tailored exactly as desired.

Which CMS system should I choose?

Regardless of the choice of CMS, with us as a partner you will get a secure and mature publishing tool, which is very easy to use. You get virtually unlimited flexibility and therefore a solution that can be scaled and further developed. We have very extensive experience with both publishing solutions, and know the systems at our fingertips. We tailor and optimize each installation specifically for the customer's individual needs.

At Increo, we have good expertise in several different coding languages and technologies, and deliver web solutions based on CMS system developed with modern technology. Together with you we choose the solution we think is optimal, based on your wishes and needs.

What can we help you with?

Sebastian Krohn
Sebastian Krohn
Agency Manager, Consulting
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Morten M Wikstrøm
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