From idea to launch in two months

At Increo, we are always motivated a little extra by missions with community benefits. When good purposes meet bad time, we put in an extra gear. Here's how we developed the visual identity and website for Helseresepten.

A mobile that shows the front page on helseresepten.no

For many struggling with obesity, weight loss can be experienced as a perpetual uphill battle. The new health company Hälseresepten wants to do something about it. Through multidisciplinary medical care, they help people to better health — and a better life.

Contagious involvement

When the four entrepreneurs — three doctors and a physiotherapist — contacted us at Increo, the company was still in full swing. They had an idea of the concept and they wanted our help to realize it. They needed company name, visual identity, an engaging website -- full package, in no time.

Their commitment was as genuine as it was infectious. Throughout their collaboration, they took their tasks seriously and they produced huge amounts of really great content. Without good and constructive dialogue with Hälseresepten, we would not have been able to work so effectively and launch so quickly.

Overview images logo and color palette for Health Recipes

Quickly up to go

From start-up in March to launch, it took two months. The people behind the Health Recipe came with high ambitions, but also a bad time.

Not only did it apply to the entire project, there were also unexpected deadlines along the way in the project. Like when one of their entrepreneurs had been invited to participate in The Debate on NRK. In two days. The website was still not finished, but was it possible to get something published on such short notice? With the right expertise and hard prioritization, we arranged a landing page that was ready.

In this sense, this became a premium example of how MVP Mindset and Agile processes can get you quickly up and going.

“We knew we were going to demand a lot from those who were going to help us with our website and identity. Both because we had poor time and a limited budget, but also because we are a serious health player, which gives clear guides for how we want to appear. It was a demanding process, but with clear priorities and intense work, we got a website and an identity that we are very proud of. Increo has been committed, flexible, and shown professionalism during the development process. It was necessary to improve the health prescription, and means that we are now in the process of treating patients.”
- Christian Moen - General Manager, Helseresepten AS
Tablet showing helseresepten.no on the left, man working in a laboratory on the right

The Universe Expands

No-code (Webflow) was definitely the right prescription to print here, but it was the process -- with invaluable cooperation from the customer -- that made it all possible. Both the mapping and insight phase went efficiently, and were crucial to the final result. After all, this is a thematic that must be treated with dignity, and it requires precision in both language and expression.

Now the name, logo, identity and website are in place — in an almost impossible time. But most of all, we are proud to be able to help Hälseresepten in their work for better public health.

The work to build their health universe continues, and we will do everything we can to ensure that they succeed in their project. Just like they do for their patients.

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