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This is how we helped Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

When you hear digitization, strings, blowers and harpsichord may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But an orchestra has to walk like lubricated too between performances. We have helped Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Opera (TSO) with this.

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It's a long way between Claude Debussy and cloud, lets say. A 17th-century Stradivarius violin is perhaps one of the most analogue things you can imagine. But like other cultural institutions, TSO is also driven by a demand for streamlining — and smart digital solutions can help them do just that.

In this project, we have got to go right to the heart of the old and venerable orchestra — and given them a completely new management and planning tool.

The Challenge — The Conductor Who Never Takes Time Off

An orchestra's work doesn't end when the stage curtain goes down. The demand for interaction never takes breaks. Controlling close to 100 musicians across different professions is an enormously demanding exercise: Performances far ahead of time must be planned — do we have the right crew? What happens in cases such as acute illness, tendonitis and sick children? Do we have control over reinforcements and temps?

When dropouts cannot be at the expense of quality, personnel management becomes all the more important. The solution we have developed provides full overview — and full control.

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Here's how we solved it -- Mozart decides

Who — and how many — will be on stage is determined by the work being staged. Mozart is in charge. Therefore, the solution also contains a sheet music archive, where all the works of the orchestra are located. The program committee can plan the entire season, easily pick works from the sheet music archive — and prepare the crew based on the information about the work. How many clarinets do we need? What kind of reinforcements do we depend on?

With a few keystrokes, temps can be set up, rehearsal schedules laid, and rehearsal and concert venues determined. The administration also has full control over additional costs associated with illness, soloists, sets, transportation of instruments and so on. Both financial and personnel matters can be handled right in the solution.

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Key Features

Other features also make it easy to

  • send out messages to anyone belonging to a specific group or role
  • see identity card with details of each individual musician
  • get a full overview of temporary staff, guards and engagements
  • see list of requisitions and instrument insurances

The intranet became the musicians' second instrument

This intranet is not just a management tool for the administration. It also makes everyday life easier for musicians. First of all, the solution is easy to use from your mobile phone — now the first violinist can get messages, calendar and chores right in your pocket.

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