Growing in a demanding market? A good online store helps

Is it possible to create a sense of exclusivity also digitally? Is it possible to conduct competence-driven sales online? It may not be easy, but it is possible. The work for Braasport proves that.

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Mutual trust is important to us in all projects. We create the best results when we trust that we want each other's best. Therefore, everything was in order for a good cooperation when the people behind Oslo Sportslager came to us with a new mission. They knew us before, and we knew them. And this time it wasn't nitpicking they brought to the table.

The Challenge — Skill-Driven Online Store

It's no secret that sports stores have had a tough time in recent years. The big chains have built both warehouse and online stores around a volume-based strategy. It's been about making moving as much merchandise as possible. Braasport was supposed to be a counterpole to this. Here you should get the best products. The ones you need -- not the ones on campaign.

At the same time, they went the opposite way in another way: They did not have a physical store that they were going to digitize, they wanted to start with the online store. Our job was to create this sense of quality and expert guidance through a digital customer experience.

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Here's how we solved it — Braasports online store

Because we already had the necessary trust in place, we never looked at this as a “project.” Here we worked together towards a concrete goal - a solution - and it was urgent. With bad time, we had to throw ourselves around and make bone-hard priorities. The most important thing was to quickly put in place something that worked. Then we folded up the sleeves even a little more.

The high quality of the products had to be reflected in the presentation: Good product descriptions were essential. The pictures had to be many enough, big and beautiful. At the same time, we worked diligently to make the navigation itself feel as if you were receiving expert help in a shop. Many filters, by both area of application and type of product, were part of it. At Braasport it is easy to find and choose the right product. The navigation and suggestions give you the feeling of being dispatched.

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Trips further

Since the first edition was in place, the collaboration has been driven forward by regular meetings and continuous improvements. After Braasport installed a showroom — and a physical store — at Ullevål, we have added opportunities to book this in the online store. In addition, we have created landing pages for each brand, and worked intensively on optimization and responsiveness. In online stores, every millisecond counts. Furthermore, work continues on both design, functionality and SEO.

And the response in the market has been tremendous. While the industry has climbed in a counter-hill fashion, Braasport has grown. Because maybe people don't walk less in the field, they're just concerned with quality. They want proper equipment to suit them. They don't want to buy more, they want to buy better.

It requires an online store that allows them to do exactly that.

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