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The new boss in town! Easy to get rid of the boss in Rogaland

When Westco Environment called and wanted an app for container rentals, we expected a simple case. It was going to be something very different — and much better.

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Westco Environment operates the rental of containers in Rogaland. They wanted to make this process easier for themselves and their customers, and had circled their way onto an app. They had shopped around a bit for mobile solution providers, but never quite found the chemistry with any of the agencies.

Then they made a phone call to Increo.

The Challenge

Until now, Westco Miljø's customers have mostly fished out their mobile phones and called when they needed to rent a waste container. Someone sent emails. The goal was to automate this entire process — from ordering containers to ordering emptying. It would streamline both internally and for customers.

Westco Environment added the list high. The solution was supposed to be so good that it alone made it out of the question for end customers to switch providers. “Are we going to make an app first, it has to be a game-changer,” they said. That's the kind of thing we like to hear. In addition, there is a surprisingly complex system behind shipping out and picking up containers. Glad we appreciate a challenge.

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Here's how we solved it

As a full-scale digital agency, we are quite different than a pure (app) developer. For us, it is always the user who is at the center. Their desires, patterns and needs lay the premises for how we design the product. If usingthe experience isn't awesome, we haven't done our job -- no matter how good the code may be.

That was the case here, too. We realized after a short time that in order to create a really good solution, we needed to understand the people and the culture. We put a lot of effort into gathering info about the market. Because it became obvious to us that this was as much about subject languages as programming languages.

That's why we worked the way we like best: As quickly as possible, we created a prototype with all the necessary functions. Then the actual work began: user testing, tweaking, new features, rinse, repeat.

Two-part image with hand holding a mobile showing Westco app on the left and decorative close-up of blue container on the right

A dream customer

The work on UX has been going non-stop. There are also many linguistic considerations for the use of text. What are we going to call this? Are these words everyone understands? What should be written on the buttons of the various services? If we don't test this out against potential customers, we work blind. No code can save an incomprehensible language.

Westco Environment has in many ways been a dream customer. They have been “on,” available and involved. They understand the importance of a good process. The collaboration has been excellent. Then it does not matter if there are new orders when we would rather finish the previous one. For the complexity of the service has shown itself through constantly new wishes from Westco Environment. More choices, more options, more ideas.

And nothing indicates that they are slowing down in Sandnes. They have the “drawer full of new functionality”.

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