Tailor-made flexibility for Unimicro

Unimicro now has a lightning-fast website, set up in Sanity that provides flexibility. The ease of use in Sanity makes the production of content much faster and more precise. The phrase reflects the qualities of Unimicro and gives an experience of being current and contemporary conscious.

The new front page for unimicro.no

Unimicro is a technology company that supplies accounting systems to Norwegian and international companies. Over the past few years, the company has undergone a number of changes. This renewal was to be made visible through a new visual identity and new website.

In 2023, Unimicro could launch its new visual expression and, in this regard, its new website, which is made by Increo. The story behind proves the usefulness of an agile process and technological explorer willingness.

Grown out of their old solution

Increo has been responsible for creating Unimicro's new website. Unimicro's pages are visited by both employees of accounting firms, who all work with Unimicro, curious accounting firms and new customers who are going to have an accounting system for their company. The visitors go through different user journeys and one of the jobs for UX designer has been to facilitate them.

Another task the UX design was supposed to solve was to clean up a complex structure with various web pages, subpages, product pages, campaign pages, and collaborators. This is a challenge we often face when working with an established company that has a long history and multiple products on the market.

Screenshot of unimicro.no's page for “my accountant”


Collaborative project

Increo has not been alone in solving all the tasks for Unimicro. We have partnered with Pitch Studio, which has been responsible for visual identity and communication platform.

This is a relatively new design and communication environment, with many driven designers and advisors on the team. In a short period of time, they have built up an impressive client portfolio. Through this project, we have drawn alternates on each other's expertise and worked in parallel.

The key to a successful identity project: Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint as a working method is well suited both for design projects and for projects in the field of digital development. In addition to putting the user at the center, the process creates space for everyone who has something important to contribute to the project to actually get to.

This workshop model is designed for people to take notes and share their input, rather than having a discussion across the table.

We gathered employees from Unimicro in Trondheim to work with Pitch and Increo. The result of this workshop became the starting point for the work on visual identity and provided an excellent starting point for UX design and SEO work.

Sanity as CMS makes it easy to publish

Unimicro is a technology environment and as such, extra interested in what CMS the site should be built with. In the process of determining the CMS, we set aside time to compare the merits of four different solutions.

Both Increo and Unimicro are of the conviction that there is no single superior CMS. The goal was to find what suited the combination of tasks unimicro.no was going to solve.

In Unimicro there is an active editorial board with several members, which publishes widely. They are a committed organization that is constantly in and adjusting their pages. The fact that it should be easy to use for all contributors, and the fact that one of the participants in the project had good experience with the CMS, made the choice to Sanity.

Agile process

One of the results of a good Brand Sprint is that more people can start solving their tasks at the same time. Rather than waiting for a fully developed design manual, the SEO manager and UX designer can start drafting the content structure and sitemap.

Every 14 days, Unimicro, Pitch and Increo met for voting meetings.

Such frequent reviews and approvals put the client in the driver's seat, by giving Unimicro the opportunity to prioritize what should be worked on. Fourteen-day intervals made it easy to adjust the course along the way in the project. The close collaboration strengthened the experience of ownership and responsibility for all parties.

Unimicro.no does a larger part of the service work.

The site has become clear and modern. In addition, it has features that simplify the onboarding of new customers for Unimicro.

When new customers report that they want to use Unimicro, the pages immediately check with Brønnøysund Registrene to find out which accounting firm they use — and whether this agency is a partner of Unimicro. If the agency in question is not a partner, they receive a notification of the client's wishes. When offering Unimicro's services/products, the customer receives a notification about it.

This feature appears as if of course when you hear about it, but is an innovation that simplifies a lot for companies that are good at completely different things than accounting. It is a detail in the spirit of Unimicro, which has as its vision to create the world's best customer journey for its customers.

Unimicro chose Sanity because

  • Sanity's tailoring model provides the user with all the modules and components they need
  • Sanity Studio reduces the margins of error for the editors.
  • Data stored in the solution can easily be used in other surfaces, such as an app or newsletter.
Screenshot of the unimicro.no page where you can choose whether you want to keep the accounts yourself or use an accountant

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