Optimizing global analytics tools through Design Sprint

The system Global Shareholder Network Analysis, from T-rank, is currently used by our very largest banks and financial institutions - worldwide. Could we improve a world-leading tool in four days?

Before and after photo of T-rank's panel

T-rank is a Norwegian technology and analytics company. They have developed a system that helps you understand complex ownership situations in companies. It calculates ownership and voting rights indirectly for all corporate structures and creates maps showing owners and affiliates.

As an integral part of the data platform of the analytics company Moody's, T-rank is used daily by thousands of users around the world. But the way they see it, there is no reason to rest on their laurels. The one that does not continue to develop is caught again.

So when T-rank sought out Increo, it was with a vague but important question: How can we be even better?

Time to sprint

Here it was about starting with some quick wins, and for that purpose there is no better tool than a design sprint. Just as T-rank uncovers power structures and risks, the design sprint does the same for points of improvement.

As always, we started with some user interviews. Are there any obvious shortcomings here? The interviews gave us invaluable info ahead of the sprint: Many users requested functionality as the service already had. Some wondered why certain types of information were unavailable. Others got lost in tortuous menu structures.

Screenshot of blackboard with Post-it patches on from Design Sprint

Modernized UI

For UX nerds like us, such discoveries are worth gold. These are bumps in the road that can be smoothed out through a more intuitive user journey. And together with T-rank, we created just that.

After two long days, we had taken apart the whole solution and put it back together. The result was a very complex prototype that nevertheless had a simple and modern interface.

The universe we had created was far more visual than the original. Readability had been increased, the “hidden” features lifted, and we had spent our entire toolbox creating an easy-to-understand dashboard. Drop-down menus had been replaced with sidebars, and help texts now provided necessary explanations (such as why something is unavailable).

‍ Pre-written code

The user test two days later showed that we were on the right track, and the feedback was that this was a significant improvement. Now it was just a matter of finding a form of collaboration that facilitated continuous fine-tuning — without taking up too much of T-Rank's valuable time.

The solution became a twist where we in Increo helped the customer write the front-end code itself. We onboarded a developer who, through a common Slack channel, kept in close dialogue with the developers in T-rank. In this way, they could easily implement the improvements in the tool — with fixed finished code.

Do you have a solution you want to make more user-friendly? Hear with Sebastian if a design sprint might fit!

Screenshot of the prototype of the panel of T-rank

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