Graystone gold — check how we helped Minera Skifer

We love to see our work having an effect. Check out how we increased their organic traffic by almost 40 percent — in just a few months!

Sigrid Anita Rømma
Project Management, Consulting

Time for insight

In fact, it is possible to make gold from graystone. The work we did for Minera Slate shows that great design is so much more than mere trappings — and that an uncompromising work on the customer journey actually counts.

They had been talking for a long time that they needed a new website in Minera. Yes, in fact, the old one had become so unfashionable that they were a little afraid to share it. On Instagram, however, they were completely slate. Thus, they felt that the website did not coincide with the communication otherwise in social media. Naturally. A new website was therefore the obvious step in making sure Minera spoke to one vote.

What quickly became quite obvious to us was that we had to get an overview of who the users are, and we had to work intensely with customer journey. Why do today's visitors end up on the website? Where in the buying process are people when seeking their way through to slate? Do they even know they need slate? It was time for insight.

Less friction, more visibility

Minera luckily had a mountain of data to serve us. We dug deep into the statistics, analyzed both the website and the customer journey — and obtained information from the retailers. We won't bother you with all the findings here, but the short story is this: There was a lot of value to be gained here from increasing visibility during the research and inspiration phase.

We identified target groups and found five specific customers and customer cases. Based on this, we began to build up the entire customer journey: What contact points are there along the slate-covered road? Where can we remove friction -- and how can we make sure Minera is the first to show up both in Google and in the brow bar?

“The project management has been very good. Increo has good drive, and has been skilled at carrying out the process in an orderly and efficient manner. It has never been on Increo, they have always delivered and completed on time.”

— Ane Gorset, Marketing Director

Content is king

It starts with the website itself. It's the ever-so-important “hub,” after all. We started from scratch, put stone on stone (hoho) and gave Minera a brand new visual profile. The new identity was fresh and modern, while taking care of history. Warm natural tones and slate shades presented in a stylish way — but with large serif fonts. Traditional, but not traust. Just like the slate.

Then there were all the lyrics, and here our good cooperation was allowed to flourish. Something we were delighted with was how Minera really took content seriously. They worked hard to get everything produced and put in. We made a content list based on keywords -- and they took care of the rest. The fact that they involved themselves in the practicalities, and contributed a lot themselves, also made them feel more closely connected to the product. It's better for them -- and better for us.

Offer value, show way

But what kind of content do you fill such a page with, you may be wondering? Well, it's about answering those questions that potential customers are burning inside with. Yes, how do you actually put slate slabs in the garden? And can you use slate in the bathroom? You may not have the answer, but Minera does. In this way, they could be seen where they had never been before.

Because you can't just sit around and think the customer will find you. This is no longer the case. You have to be where people are and you have to offer them value. And once they've got the answer they're looking for, you have to offer them a way. That's why we also worked a lot to make sure the navigation plays on par with the new content. If someone has entered the website via an article they find useful, they should be able to easily click on to either more inspiration, information — or a product list.

And that it works? Well, let's let the numbers speak for themselves: Only two to three months after relaunch has the organic traffic to the website increased by almost 40 percent. And there is still a lot to be optimized.

“We are getting a lot more inquiries from the website. There are 99% more inquiries than before.”

At least the time when Minera Shale blushes from sharing its website is over.

The result can be done by yourself check out here!

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