How do we work on SEO optimization in new projects?

A new website gives you the opportunity to start a little from scratch. At the same time, it is important to bring the positive ranking factors on to the new website. What should be considered when developing a new website?

In Increo, we work with SEO from start to finish, and further after the launch of a project. All the way, SEO advisor, designer and developer work together to ensure that the solution is SEO-optimized both through design and code.

Are you still wondering what SEO is all about and why you should focus on it? Then you should first read our previous post; What is SEO?

Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis will give us a good insight into what potential customers are searching for and is a fundamental foundation when working on page structure and menu structure for a new website. The keyword analysis will not only be fundamental to SEO-optimize the website, but also to understand which topics are of most interest and what kind of content may be important to the user.

Categorization and page structure

If you have an overview of keywords and search volume from a keyword analysis already in the initial phase, you can work more strategically on how to categorize the content for the best possible effect. At the same time, category pages should be designed with title and category text so that Google can understand what the content is about. Therefore, it is extremely important that SEO and designer work together to lay a good structure for the website. The clearer the content, the easier it is for Google to understand what the website is about.

URL structure

The URL structure of a web page depends on how the solution is developed. For example, pages under categories should also be able to be under the category in the URL structure. If the page is about mirrors, it can be reinforced by being under the category bathroom furniture in the URL so that both the user and Google understand that the mirrors on this page are related to bathroom furniture.

Menu and internal linking

How you link to categories and subpages affects how Google reviews your website. Pages that are higher up in the structure, such as in the main menu, are crawled more often than pages located further down because Google follows the links. However, this does not mean that all pages should be in the main menu — then you lose that effect again. Good internal linking makes sure to distribute what in the SEO world is called link juice, a kind of SEO value that each page has, evenly across the website.

Optimization of content

Once the basics are in place, the content also needs to be optimized with the right keywords. It does not help to have a good structure and code if the texts are not optimized. Should one write bubble jacket or down jacket? One word has 720 searches a month, the other has 1320 searches a month. You get visibility to 83% more potential users with just one word. Which of the two words believe you have the most searches a month?

Make content available to Google after launch

In addition to working closely with the developers along the way in the project, we also take a tour of the technical aspects that affect how Google reviews and reads the content of the website. Old URLs need to be redirected correctly to perpetuate the link value they have. The Robots.txt file needs to be updated so that search engines are actually allowed to crawl your website, and new sitemap should be published for Google to easily find the new URLs and new content on the website.

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And if you are still wondering if it is down jacket or bubble jacket that has the most searches, then it is the down jacket that has the highest search volume with 1320 searches per month.

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