Here's how to write meta texts that increase your visibility!

The meta texts are the sales text of the company in the search results - why should users click on your link rather than the other 10 in the result? Here's how to write meta texts that increase your visibility — and trigger users to click into your website.

By optimizing your meta texts, you will create a better first impression in search results and increase your visibility to potential customers. A good click-through rate (the number of clicks in out of the total number of views of your website in the search) will also positively affect your ranking. So here's just getting started with the optimization!

Bilde av søkeresultat i google med title tag og meta tag

1. Unique meta texts per landing page

The meta texts should be optimized per landing page, similar to that the text should be SEO-optimized on the various landing pages.

2. Include keywords in the meta title/page title

The keyword you have optimized your SEO texts with should also be included in the meta title. Preferably as early as possible — it will be easy for the user to see that you have what they are looking for, and the content will be clearer to search engines like Google so that you are more relevant to the search.

3. Tell the user which page they are going to

The meta description should briefly summarize which page users are going to, and what kind of information users can find there. This way you can hit more targeted those who are actually potential customers. For example, if you offer shipping solutions for companies and want to rank on the keyword “shipping”, then it will probably hit many private individuals as well. Then you should make it clear in the text that there are shipping solutions for companies in question, so that you hit the right target audience.

It becomes difficult for users to decide which link to click on if they don't know what the page is actually about.

4th. USP (unique selling points)

Tell your users why they should click on your link. This could be that you have years of experience, good customer service, free shipping, fast delivery, famous brands, best quality etc.

5. CTA (call to action)

Make sure the user is triggered to take an action now! For example: Order today! Limited quantity in stock! See how here! Read more! Get inspired! Download the guide here!

6. The brand

If there is space, then the brand name should be included in the title, if not, it should be included in the description. If you have a strong brand this can be a click factor, if it is a smaller brand it will create a recognition effect in the long run. If you have a brand with a name that says nothing about the product/service you offer, it can be advantageous to combine the brand name with a descriptive word. For example, for Increo, we are happy to combine it with digital agency or digital solutions. For example, digital solutions from Increo, Increo digital agency, and the like.

7. Lenght

Pay attention to the length of the title and description, if it is too long it will be cut. Then you lose the advantage of selling into the most important arguments. Use the space you have at your disposal — this is where you have the chance to convince your potential customers to check you out.

Recommended length
Title: 600 pixels in length (approx. 50—60 characters)
Description: 920 pixels in length (approx. 155-160 characters)

Most CMS solutions have a tool that displays the length and what it looks like in the search result. For WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO. If not, SEO Mofo is also a good tool. Marker boldord and enter the keyword for more exact length.

Some examples of SEO-optimized meta texts for various keywords and content:

Keywords: mirror with shelf
Meta Title: Frama mirror with shelf — Order MS-1 Mirror Shelf at Eitra
Meta description: Wall mirror with practical shelf for the bathroom. The matte black color gives an exclusive expression. Order in the online store today and get free shipping on your purchase — Eitra Bad.

Keywords: little milk
Meta Title: Low milk — what can you do to increase milk production?
Meta description: Read more about what can cause low milk and what you can do to increase milk production when breastfeeding at

Keywords: HPC and High Performance Computing
Meta Title: HPC — High Performance Computing Services — Apply for access
Meta description: A support service for research and education in the university and university college sector provided by Sigma2. Read more about HPC here!

Keywords: carbon footprint
Meta Title: Carbon footprint — CO2 emissions must be reduced in the fight against climate change
Meta description: The intention of the CCS project is to reduce the climate footprint of industrial plants, where CO2 is emitted as a by-product. Read more about the CCS project here!

Keywords: catering wedding
Pagina titolo: Catering wedding — Tasty dishes for the wedding — Gastro Catering
Meta description: Weddings are truly a special event. We are more than happy to help you with your food! Good produce — Experienced chefs — Great dining experiences. Read more!

Where to start?

Most websites or especially online stores have more than 15 different landing pages, and then it is quick to lose motivation. How do you manage to write so many meta texts in addition to everything else you work on? A simple tip: prioritize. With a little insight, you can easily create a priority list of which landing pages to start with.

I use a combination of 2 tools — Google Analytics and Google Search Console, both tools should be set up for any website that wants to work strategically with content and increase traffic.

Google Analytics gives you insight into how your traffic is on the website today. Are there any sites you want to increase traffic on? Then meta texts can be a nice place to start.

Through the tool Google Search Console you can see which keywords your website ranks with, what position you have in the search, and the click-through rate per keyword. If the click-through rate is low, users aren't tempted enough to click into your page. Another way is to look at those keywords that you rank on between 7th and 12th place. Here Google has already seen the relevance of your website, which you can reinforce by optimizing the meta texts.

Need help getting started?

For the best effect of the work, you should look at the meta texts in the context of SEO optimization of the texts yours. Need help preparing a keyword analysis, getting started on your writing or laying out an SEO strategy? Read more about our services for SEO optimization or contact us for a non-binding offer.

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