What is SEO and why should you focus on it?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, or search engine optimization in Norwegian. I believe that SEO is about more than just optimizing for search engines.

At Increo, we choose to focus primarily on the users — because ultimately, they are the ones who will actually buy the product or services you offer. Of course, you still have to work strategically with SEO, but then with the goal of becoming visible to the right users. All too often we see others in our industry focus too much on the keywords with the highest number of searches per month, without looking at the intent of the search. I think SEO has lost its effectiveness.

What is SEO all about?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about becoming visible in the organic search result. Over 200 ranking factors are emphasized when your website is ranked. The ranking factors encompass all aspects of a website—how you write your texts, ease of use and design, development of the solution, links and reputation of other websites.

Google needs to understand what its content is about, and what keywords you should rank on. Security, loading time and mobile customization are important for good usability. Proper code makes the content available for Google to read and index.

An SEO analysis will capture any challenges your website has with ranking. It can be both how texts are written and coded, or technical errors that make it difficult for Google to crawl the website. You should also map out how to work with your content, whether it's on existing pages or whether you should also create new landing pages. A keyword analysis will help you with that.

In order to lay out an optimal SEO strategy for your website, you should combine these two analytics so that you get the necessary insights you need before you start.

Why SEO?

In Norway alone, 50 million Google searches are made per day! 90% of all research done starts with a search in Google. 74% of all purchases made in Norway also start with a search in Google. The reason I only mention Google in these statistics is because Google has 95% market share of search engines in Norway. So if you want to expand your customer base and bring more users to your website, there's no doubt that Google is the place you should be visible.

Finally, here comes my main argument for focusing on SEO; you hit your target audience while they are active and in buying mode. They've even chosen to go into Google and search for new sneakers, find electricians in the area or read up on the latest interior trends.

Need help getting started?

Not sure where to start? Whether you are planning a new website, or want to optimize the one you have today, we are happy to take a look at your website to help you get started. Contact increo@increo.no for a non-binding offer.

Of course, a new website or not is a bigger cost question, that's why we have made two posts with tips to become visible in Google:

What can we help you with?

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