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- Increo has shown us how important design is

Complicity requires commitment. So when Trøndelag County Council wanted input from children and young people in their new cultural plan, they needed a communication platform that inspired participation. The secret ingredient? Good design, of course.

Portable machine on a table showing

The county municipality's goal was to strengthen the cultural offer in Trøndelag — based on input from children and young people.

“We knew we needed a way to reach out that was more engaging than paper in the mail. Thus, the order became a communication platform that is more than just a survey,” says Anniken Bjørnes, project manager for the cultural plan.

The right questions

But beyond that they needed somewhat, Anniken and the others in the project group had far from all the answers.

“This was unplowed ground for us, and the road has largely been merged with Increo. Even though we didn't know what we needed at all times, Increo has continually driven the project forward by asking the right questions.

Anniken is also delighted with how smooth the process has been in its form — with frequent status meetings and continuous updates.

“It made it even easier with these small adjustments along the way, of which there were a lot of them. And every time the schedule changed, Increo showed they were flexible. On the whole, throughout the process, they have shown tremendous patience and creativity,” she says.

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Makes me want to read

Back to the communication platform. The obvious challenge was that it had to reach children and young people — while containing enough information for stakeholders from the adult ranks.

And then there was so much we wanted to say. Probably too much. The key thus lay in sharpening all the entrances and cutting off the unnecessary ones. Here, too, Increo were invaluable sparring partners, because they always had the receiver perspective. They challenged us on everything from menu structure to text scope.

The result was that the website — — appears to be both playful and easy to read. Not typical county councillor, some might say.

“Yes, and here I actually mean that the public has a responsibility to be braver. It is a democratic problem if we are inaccessible and messy, and here we have managed to be the opposite,” she says, referring to the feedback they have received on the new platform:

The response out there has been incredibly good. The most important thing is that people say they want to read. Since then, they indeed gets lust to answer the survey! This is how Increo has shown us how important design is. shown on mobile

Everything is connected

The website is built on no-code solution Webflow, which helped Increo be able to get an MVP (simply explained the smallest working solution that can provide value and insight) up and running in no time. And the development continues.

We're not done yet. At the same time, we don't quite know how this side will live its life in the long run. That's why Increo has already created ready-made page templates that are ready to be published depending on how things progress.

In addition to the web solution, Increo has also — based on illustrations from Tora Marie Norberg — created animations and document templates, among other things.

I'm so happy that everything is through. All the material is interconnected and we have not used a single stock photo. In addition, you can see right away that it is about culture, says Anniken and concludes:

“Now we are going to work on more projects, and I have already recommended Increo further!

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