This is how Saltdalshytta went from informing to inspiring

Saltdalshytta is Norway's largest cottage supplier, and has been a good and faithful customer of Increo for over seven years. We have previously helped them develop a multisite with their websites for Saltdalshytta, Saltdalshus and Røroshytta. About a year ago, they came to us with a well-known problem: needed a design boost. This is where our collaboration with the talented designers of Inventas (formerly Itch) began.

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We wanted an inspiring and “vibrant” website with good content that didn't fit into a ready-made recipe. To develop such a tailor-made solution with new technology, good and close communication was extremely important in the process. This was something that Increo was good at — and it helped extra well with a smiling and skilled team that knows us well from before. We now have a website we are proud of and are constantly working on improvements.

Stine Røsand, Sales and Marketing Director at Saltdalshytta

The challenge — both the beauty and the beast

Both our developers and Saltdalshytta's own people have worked a lot on the technical in recent years. The problem was that a good foundation lay hidden behind an outdated design. What's the point of smart functionality if it doesn't arrive in a good way? Together with Inventas, we took on the challenge — how to make system and design work together and at the same time inspire our users?

The Saltdalshytta were also clear about one thing: they would go from information to inspiration. How are we going to get cottage buyers to think about more than specifications? How can we hit people's feelings and values -- not just preferences for square footage and materials? The punchline they wanted to communicate was time to be together. Our job was to show it -- with a new and much, much fresher website.

Here's how we solved it — dream away

There was no quick fix in this project. No facelift or light refurbishment. It was a complete makeover.

The “foundations” were laid with new technologies that provide more opportunities for further development in the long term. Saltdalshytta got modules that can be reused, headless system with a brand new CMS and React in the frontend — and they even cleaned all content, which is rare for a customer to take the time to do. We gave new life to the front page, with videos, animations and clearer images. Renders (digital 3D models) of the cabins were adjusted according to new design and new focus on “time to be together”. Overall, the website became more vibrant, more timely -- and more real.

Two-part photo with three mobiles showing different parts of on the left and an environmental picture from a cabin on the right

Closer to the cottage dream

One of the really big new measures was to let people play around in a cabin configurator. We called it the “cottage picker.” Here visitors can answer questions -- about style, wishes and needs -- and find the cabin that suits them best. By customising and personalising, we can more easily hit and inspire — and make your cottage dream one step closer to reality.

Cabin path further

Since the new solution was launched in July, we have been continuously working on further development. It's got more features, as well as an integration — and a further updated visual profile. With the new architecture at the bottom, the solution is easier to customize, and better rigged for the future.

Through a close, pleasant, and not least instructive collaboration in this project, we have created a website that is as beautiful and functional as it is stable. Just like the Salt Valley Cottages.

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