At Increo, we work with a variety of CMS, coding languages and tools.

A platform consisting of a CMS (publishing solution) and various interfaces for website, web app and native app can be solved in many different ways. Which tools and architecture are best for you depends on several factors - functional desires, level of ambition, long-term planning, budget, and more.

Code languages and tools:

No-code gives you a new website in 2 months‍

No-code means that you don't have to use development expertise to realize website ideas. You can actually use the Figma design tool to create the website and export the concept from there into code.

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Norwegian headless CMS/publishing solution with full flexibility

Sanity is one of the world's leading headless CMS, giving you a flexible way to manage all your content in one place. Sanity is a structured content platform that allows your team to work together in real-time to build great digital experiences across channels.

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Umbraco CMS
Open source publishing solution and ecommerce

Open source means that Umbraco is a CMS that gives you flexibility and allows for a great degree of tailoring. The publishing solution is used by well over 700,000 web pages as of 2023. Umbraco was launched in the year 2000, and is now in version 9. Version 7 is now being phased out. When you have more advanced needs and need a customized solution, Umbraco is a good choice.

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Umbraco CMS

For bespoke platforms such as this, we use one or more of the following tools, in a headless system architecture; React, Laravel, Sanity, Umbraco, and Native Script.

All with their pros and cons.
Questions that we must jointly consider include:

  • The individual needs of each market. How similar and different can and should they be?
  • My editorial needs - how much freedom and flexibility do you need?
  • Interaction and data flow with other systems, such as Amedia or CV portals.
  • Video meeting system - integrate existing system?
  • Payment functionality
  • Long Term and Future Needs

The answers to these questions will give us the foundation we need to suggest the best possible architecture and technology choices - We recommend that we undertake such mapping as part of the start-up & insights phase.

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