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Innovative waste solutions for companies became a competitive advantage for Retura TRV

Waste management is a competitive market. To win business customers, it is important to have an impressive solution.

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Retura is a cooperative organization consisting of a number of Norwegian waste management companies. One of these is Retura TRV, a municipally owned company that handles waste for businesses in Trøndelag, Mid-Norway. Unlike renovation services for private residents, this is not a municipal service, but an open competition.

Requirements creates needs

For Retura TRV, the goal was to create a digital advantage in this competition. Step number one was to be able to offer a solution that makes everyday life easier for the consumer.

The first phase was to build a customer My Page Portal, where companies can solve their needs easily and quickly. An important need was environmental and sustainability reporting.

An example of a user assignment is that if you are building or renovating a building, you are required to recycle 60 percent of all waste. If you can not document this, you will not get a certificate of completion. Until the new solution came into place, Retura TRV had to find and compile all this. This has not only been time consuming and incomprehensible for the consumer, but also seized internal resources that Retura TRV could use for other things.

Less time spent, more overview

Increo therefore developed a solution that is directly integrated with Retura TRV's data warehouses and business systems. When a business logs in through the portal, they get instant access — and a full view — of relevant documentation.

Through the service, one can filter by property and data type, and quickly generate tailored environmental reports with all the necessary data. Simple and time saving for both the consumer and Retura TRV.

Excerpt from Retura's login portal

This is a competitive advantage

In the same system, we have entered the full invoice history with specifications, in addition to the fact that each company gets its permanent customer advisor. On top of this, we have developed a Retura TRV app, where business customers can order containers or additional waste disposal, among other things. Increo also operates and maintains Retura TRV's website.

Throughout this collaboration, we have done what we do best: we have digitized and streamlined operations for our client. We've removed manual labor, met needs, and created better user experiences.

The sum of this is that it is simply better to be a customer of Retura TRV than of someone who does not have these services. This is the definition of a competitive advantage.

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