Our newest additions in Increo: — here's where I can really challenge myself!

There is a fierce battle for the developer talent at the moment, so when two of them choose Increo, we naturally get a little proud. Get to know our newest additions, Milena Kozlowska and Omar Omrani, and check out why they chose just Increo!

Kim Levi Paulsen
CTO, Consulting

From wedding photographer to frontend developer

How many have gone the career path from wedding photographer to front end developer? At least one, it would turn out. Milena “Mila” Kozlowska discovered her love for coding by pure chance.

“As a photographer, you depend on a good website and a good gallery. I like to make things myself, so then I just had to learn how this worked. Pretty quickly I realized that, hey, this was all more interesting than photography.

Portrett av Milena, utvikler i Increo

Milena discovered coding by pure chance — and it quickly proved to be more interesting than her actual job.

Freedom and variety

Thus began a year-long deep dive into everything from JavaScript to React. But for Mila, it didn't just have to be self-taught. Although she already had a master's in philology in her backpack, she threw herself onto a study in computer engineering. And once you have an impressive work capacity: Why not work next door?

“I saw that Increo was searching for a profile like mine, so I sent an application. It seemed like a diverse workplace that suited me well. It was to turn out that the feeling of match was mutual, and it ended with a full-time employment.

Now there will be study next to work and exams on weekends. Her goal in the long run is to be as driven on the backend as the frontend.

“One of the things that attracted me about the job was the great freedom and variety. I have mostly experience with the front end, but here I can work with the backend too if I want to. I'm looking forward to that!

— Was saved

One week into her employment, Mila has already managed to become housewarming in Increo's premises. And the first impression?

- People are so congenial! It's just smiles and helpfulness. And then I've had a peek under the hood of some of the projects, and the level of code is absolutely enormous. It is simply very impressive. A big bonus there is also that they have a value base that rhymes with mine, and they don't take on any of the projects.
Milena Kozlowska, newly hired developer at Increo

Simultaneously with Milena, Omar Omrani (28) started in a part-time position. Also he had a creative and slightly different background.

“My subject was music business, and I worked in a record company for 3 years before I learned to code. When I first realized what it was all about, I was saved. That's what I really wanted to do,” he said.

Broad expertise under the same roof

Subsequently, he quit his job and began studying front-end development. As he had already learned a lot himself, he quickly got a job as a mentor to the others in the class.

“I had known for a while that was what I wanted, so I was probably above average dedicated and interested. It was also the reason I started looking for part-time jobs. There is no better way to learn than that, he says.

Portrett av Omar, utvikler i Increo
Omar combines studies with part-time jobs, allowing him to take theory into practice, and learn from real-life projects.

In the job hunt, Increo stood out immediately: First of all, it was the great variety of subject competencies that appealed to Omar.

“I saw that this was a group with a lot of different people who could do a lot of different things. That's all from designs and evolution wilt SEO under the same roof. All this interests me, so here there was obviously a lot to learn,” he says.

Extensive projects

And precisely the development opportunities were the main reason why he went for Increo. For Omar, of course, had several offers at hand.

“The most important thing for me is to get better, and then you need challenges. As far as I could tell, Increo worked on large and extensive projects, and it was crucial that I chose them,” he says, adding:

And I was right. I've looked at the code, the structure and the whole package, and this is really exciting. I can really develop here.

Now his goal is to wrap-up his studies, while continuing to cultivate his own tip expertise.

“I'm going to learn more, take on more tasks and become really proficient on the frontend. I'm going to make it my thing.

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