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Several of our clients are getting extra help from AI on their digital surfaces. What can AI do for you?

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AI is a tool that both streamlines and improves. It can also help to confuse and, in the worst case, misinform if one is sloppy in the process of integrating it into, for example, their website. So how can your company get the best out of AI? We are launching a workshop to explore smart use of AI.

“This is more than a course in generative AI,” explains Kristina, UX designer and facilitator at Increo. “The goal of a workshop is for us to be left with an action plan, or at best a prototype for how you as a client can leverage AI to create more value for your customers.

Short path from thought to test

“We do this because we meet people who have an unresolved idea of how to apply AI in the enterprise,” continues Dennis, who is a developer and one of the other facilitators of AI processes in Increo.

“When you don't work with such systems, or tech at all, it can quickly become a steep mountain to climb. In cases where the company is a little on the way, we can help to concretize the plans. We've done this before and know both what it takes to create a useful service, and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls.

The key to a good end product

Working with AI is becoming ever easier. APIs have been developed that allow many people to now solve tasks that previously required specialist knowledge to carry out. It is no longer knowledge of AI that is crucial, but insight into how to cost-effectively integrate AI into the systems the client sits on. Now the challenge is to have a good enough knowledge of system architecture and familiarity with what new tools are available that determine how successful the final product will be.

Strengthen customer relationships and simplify processes

After Chat GPT and similar tools became available and efficient enough to be useful, there are more and more systems that include AI. You can find AI in CRM and ERP systems that use Chat GPT and now customer service functions are coming after. AI can be used for monitoring market, nature or human habits and providing suggestions for, or possibly implementing, measures. AI, for example, is used to make recommendations in online stores.

The goal of a workshop is for us to be left with an action plan, or at best a prototype for how you as a client can leverage AI to create more value for your customers.
Kristina Ermolenko - Designer Increo

Use with caution

AI, like any other system, has limitations. To succeed, one must know how to work with and around these limitations. Dennis elaborates: “If you are going to have a chatbot on customer service, what can you do to limit it from giving incorrect information? How do you prevent it from saying things that could be harassing? How do you put in intermediate layers here that control what's going on? This is among our tasks.

“Another challenge when adopting AI is privacy,” Dennis continues. “To use AI to talk to customers, the system needs to get some information about the customer. There are many GDPR rules to be followed. These are among the things we can help with.

An InCreo workshop is not like other workshops!

Kristina says that a workshop with Increo is something completely different from a long brainstorming session. “In advance, we develop a set of tasks with concrete goals and defined working hours. These tasks are often solved individually and when we work together it is not to argue for or against proposals, but we can support those we like best with a measured number of votes. This is how the process results in a group work, rather than being the product of the loudest voices. The results of what have appeared to be relatively independent exercises often turn out to be both creative and unexpected. Because that's what happens when heads actually think together!

Create a multi-year head start with one day of workshop!

Increo's AI workshop is suitable for groups up to ten people. We provide facilitators and selected professionals. In the aftermath of the workshop, we submit a report as the basis for the company's action plan.

Rec. price 45.000, - excl. VAT

Call us Feel free to find a suitable day, or register your interest in the form:

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