From simple website to “hub” for Norwegian business? Here's how we did it

The UN sub-organization Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. In a network where each national department has its own website, the Norwegian representatives had an ambitious goal: They wanted the very best.

Sebastian Krohn
Agency Manager, Consulting

Better online presence

Having the best the website can mean so much. For Global Compact Norway, it meant the strongest presence — becoming a “hub” for Norwegian business. Whatever might be involved in sustainability, it should be possible to find information about it here. Check out how we at Increo solved exactly that.

We were in contact with several companies in a tender round for the delivery of new website. Increo impressed from the first meeting. They delivered the best deal both technically, creatively and on price.
- Knut Moestue, Partner and Head of Marketing

The Challenge

As a membership organization, one of the natural goals was to enlist more members. We had to clearly communicate the benefits of being a member — and it was crucial to put in place a smooth registration process. In addition, we knew that the client also had the role of journalist and editor, and would eventually produce large amounts of content. It required an intuitive and easy-to-use solution under the hood. Challenges accepted.

Here's how we solved it

We kicked off the project with in-depth insight and analysis work. It was, as usual, invaluable in the further work. We tailored the WordPress design based on Global Compact Norway's defined audiences. To get the website up and running faster, we gave the customer access to the control panel while we were working at the front. That way they were ready to give gas the second we cut the string.

In our UX work, we have created a frictionless experience, where simple calls to actions lead you to value promises — and to become a member. We honed the design in line with the theme. They had to appear serious, but at the same time modern and innovative. The solution had to convey sustainability. In short, we fixed a clean and modern expression — for a clean and modern business world.

The collaboration with Increo is very good and they have shown great willingness to solve problems and challenges that always come up in such projects.
- Knut Moestue, Partner and Head of Marketing
UN Global Compact nettside

A little stroke of genius

An important goal of the Global Compact network is to inform about relevant events — both hosted by themselves and by others. If anyone has hosted an event about sustainability, if it's just a webinar, the Global Compact would like to hear about it. And here, if we shall say so ourselves, we coded in a little stroke of genius.

The calendar of events for Global Compact Norway is not quite like any other. If you have an event you think they should know about, you can simply fill in a form and press submit. Does the editor think it's worth shouting loudly about, they simply press “approve”. Then the event is published right on the calendar — with the right design and everything. No alignment or knot.

As a small cherry on top, we also included the ability to link both content and events up against specific sustainability goals. Are you particularly interested in Sustainable Development Goal 5? Or 12? Just press the button and get the user experience adjusted to your interests.

All in all, we think the result speaks for itself. And of course it is nice that such an ambitious and skilled customer still comes to us with orders. This is what we call sustainable cooperation.

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