Elevate your business to new heights!

Thursday, September 7, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., we'll help you find tiny changes that can bring exceptional growth to your business. Completely free of charge, in our premises at Solsiden in Trondheim.

Merethe Honne

Don't let it just stay with the talk. We give you concrete measures.

Our specialists experience again and again what you yourself also know:

- Action is what creates results, not good perspectives.

In two and a half hours, you as a participant will get an engaging introduction on the topic before we conduct individual workshops with each company. We are not content to find the points of change or improvement in the customer journey, but will work with you to find the solutions that really move the needle.

Growth Hacking + Design Sprint = Growth Sprint

Using Growth Hacking, we identify and adjust the bottlenecks that limit the potential for growth in a business. This, combined with the speed of Design Sprint, enables us to provide you with implementable initiatives for your business in two and a half hours!

Why don't satisfied customers come back for more? When is it that customers leave the online store? Answers to such questions turn into new opportunities.

You can read more about our approach here. NB! Spaces fill up fast.

You get all templates, checklists and presentations with you!

In the aftermath of this afternoon, you will be handed the material presented in the introduction, as well as the findings made during the workshop.

We at Increo are of course available to talk about how you can take advantage of the opportunities that have been identified, but all course participants are free to use the material as they please.

Some feedback from previous participants:

“When the time comes, I would like to get in touch again to see how we can implement the growth kit. We're not quite ready for that right now, as we're still building, but once the base is up it could be interesting to pilot this!”
“An exercise we will try on several in the organization.”

Sign up with your name, company and phone number, as well as your colleagues you'd like to bring along.


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Sebastian Krohn
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Morten M Wikstrøm
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