A light-hearted website for a sore message

Some projects are demanding primarily because they are technically complex. Second because the message is so important that absolutely everything has to vote -- down to every tiny, hair-raising detail. How we managed the Mental Helse Ungdom Balance Walk.

The Challenge of the Balance Walk

It's easy to think that mental health is a heavy and bleak matter. And the existing website perhaps was. It was a pretty dark message you were met with and they naturally wanted to walk away from that. Instead, they would appear with warmth and shelter, that this was a place you could come for help.

The customer also wanted tidier pages, where young people could come up with other people's relatable stories — and where the path to becoming a donor was short. The fact that Mental Health Youth has multiple audiences also presented some challenges. But first of all: Was it at all possible to turn a page about something so important, and for many so painful, into something pleasurable?

Here's how we thought

What we quickly understood during the initial workshop, was that this mission required us to create new and separate landing pages. Were we going to clean up and make this streamlined for all stakeholders, it required us to separate out different terminus stations for the races. All the way up to this, the message had to be sharpened. For example, we needed to clarify what people get left in order to become donors.

On the whole, Increo has been so much a supporter and advisor when it comes to messages. What should we say, where should we say it -- and how?

Design and message are always confused. But in this project, there has been especially a lot of work beyond the visuals. It is not only about high conversion and easy to find, but that the entire communication is delicate.

Some important moves

In addition, we have highlighted the chat, which is an important channel for Mental Health Youth. They've got a separate landing page for meeting places — and a far better dashboard.

“Under the hood,” flexibility has been a key point for them. The editorial staff should be able to manage news, stories and projects themselves. At the same time, they did not want pre a lot of freedom, because it can mess up a unified impression. Among other things, we went away from Gutenberg and created a custom page builder with a set of different modules that they could easily choose from.

However, despite a thematic approach that required careful work, the customer has been given great freedom and room for action throughout the process.

“Although they have a graphic profile, we have had to play with both fonts and colors. They have been open to suggestions all the way, and really trusted us. Everything has been law. If we have made a suggestion, they usually ask us to “hang on”. That, combined with a close collaboration through both meetings and workshops, has contributed to this going as well as it has gone.

We are live!

For now, an updated version of the website is finally on the air. Throughout 2020, we felt that we had to put in an extra gear. There are a lot of young people struggling and this was our way of contributing.

“Increo went “all in” and gave it a little extra. We think the customer appreciated that. And so it has, let's say it ourselves, been really nice.

Everything is clean and stylish. We have found out who Mental Health Youth are, and made good entries to difficult topics. And without it getting dark.

Visit the website of Mental Health Youth here

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