Trøndelag Fylkeskommune

Visual identity for a unified Trøndelag.

We have learned that Trønder were Trønder's equal over a thousand years ago — and will be so in the new thousand years. That we explored democratic systems in the Iron Age, and have defended them against despotism over centuries. That women had district courts 800 years before Camilla Collett. That we made technological breakthroughs a thousand years ago — and are still doing so.

Trønderen has never been sluggish, it's just a misguided mix of mindless rawness.

This is what we have done


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Our Democratic Origins

Our process has had the mandate to create an identity that carries our democratic origins into the future, where popular rule, conversation and freedom are values and important principles to defend in the further development of a unified Trøndelag.

Past, Present and Future

Where does our heritage and culture come from? To develop the identity of the future Trøndelag, we have looked far back in time. Very far. We have ploughed through two thousand years of history, and met enormous numbers of people who have shared their knowledge with us.

This has enriched us with valuable insights. It has given us knowledge of the Trønderian origin, and an understanding of the mission — before so much as a line has been drawn.

The result of the insight work is an identity based on the concept of past, present and future. It will contribute to creating a holistic, positive and recognisable identity inside and outside the county's borders.

Design development

In design development, we have linked history with geographical distinctiveness. The supporting design element is a soft stylization of the county's map. The element rises to the northeast, inspired by the geology of the area, with the Frostatinget's twelve seats spread throughout the county.

The element symbolizes Trøndelag as a diversity that holds together.

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Sebastian Krohn
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Morten M Wikstrøm
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