Helle Moen new Chairman of Increo

With Helle Moen as the new Chairman of the Board and a strong presence in both Trondheim and Oslo, the design and technology agency Increo is ready to consolidate its position as one of the leading players in the industry.

Hallgrim Bjørvik
Entrepreneur, Chairman

Helle Moen takes over as Chairman of the Board of Hallgrim Bjørvik, who founded the design and technology agency Increo in Trondheim over 27 years ago. Bjørvik will become a board member after the shift.

“I am passionate about diversity, where board members complement each other and work closely together. It takes some time to build such a board, but Increo already has a good gender balance and board members with different experience backgrounds,” says Helle Moen, new Chairman of Increo.

Why did you say yes to the job?

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Hallgrim over a period of a few months, and was very inspired by his thoughts and plans for where he wants to take the company. Among other things, they want to work more strategically, and in that field I have a lot to contribute,” Moen says.

Strategy, Design and Innovation

Moen has a degree in civil engineering in marine technology from NTNU. She also holds a master's degree in Economics and Technology Management from NTNU and Singapore. Her professional career is a lot about innovation and business development.

From 1994 to 2008 she worked at MARINTEK, first as a research engineer and then in the management team responsible for the company's international investment areas. Here she gained valuable experience in supporting innovation and development of various businesses.

In 2008, Moen moved on to the state investment company Investinor, responsible for investing venture capital in promising businesses in the cleantech and renewable sectors. She has also led Innovation Norway's office in Brazil and served as regional director of the design and technology company EGGS, and helped start several technology companies as an employee, entrepreneur and investor. Today she is a consultant in her own company.

“The common denominator is that I have been allowed to work with creative and visionary people. It kindles something in me,” says Moen, who is also chairman of the board of Kongsberg Innovasjon and the women's health company Induvita and a board member in a number of other companies.

Innovation City Trondheim

Moen sees great potential in Trondheim as a leading innovation city.

“Today, I'm not sure if there are so many more companies engaged in design-driven innovation in Trondheim compared to other places. But Trondheim is already the technology capital that should be able to become a leading innovation city,” she says, pointing to the access to the knowledge environments at NTNU, Sintef and St. Olavs.

We have strong professional environments. Trondheim has managed to attract many international professionals. It is a strength that one should be able to exploit even better in the future,” she says, adding:

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion. For example, if we are to succeed with design and innovation, we are completely dependent on having people with different backgrounds and different views on users' needs.

More heavyweights

Increo got another heavyweight onto the board in 2022. Birgitte Feginn Angelil has over 25 years of experience in the industry. She was managing director of Creuna, before the company was sold to Knowit.

“Her expertise and experience will be very valuable to us. She has proven time and time again that she can create growth. Together we will help Increo take the next step,” says Moen.

Increo has more than 30 employees and sales of approximately NOK 42.5 million in 2023. The company has experienced solid growth in recent years. Moen looks forward to making plans for further growth in the future, together with the Board of Directors and the CEO.

“A sustainable technology agency must have a solid team of specialists and must be able to present clear value proposals that strike at a strategic level with customers.

Growth internationally

Moen believes Increo is ahead of a very exciting time, also internationally.

“It will be a natural next step for Increo with the technology solutions and expertise offered in the market,” Moen says.

Gründer Hallgrim Bjørvik is clear that Moen is the right person to take over as Chairman of the Board.

“Moen's broad experience in innovation and from the design and consulting industry, combined with her strategic vision and ability to attract the right people, makes her the perfect person to lead Increo's board.

“Customers who want to develop world-leading digital solutions should come to us. Then they should have the opportunity to spar with the smartest people.

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