Merry Christmas and Happy 2024

With full speed towards Christmas after an extremely exciting inquiry, Christmas is now on its way and we are taking a well-deserved holiday. Here you will find what you need to know about practical information and opening hours during the holiday season.

Morten M Wikstrøm
CEO, Consulting

Thank you!

Once again, we would like to thank our customers for daring to bet in an uncertain time. It is not a given that one will bet when the world view looks the same as it is today. War, energy crisis, environmental crisis, inflation, high interest rates and very ambiguous signals make one go the extra mile - and it therefore means a lot to us to be able to create value together with you. Thank you.

Ki-generated — Word of the Year

“Ki-generated” was named Word of the Year by the Language Council, which helps underpin the expectations of more people about faster value creation through innovation. At Increo, we've embraced artificial intelligence and established a workshop to help companies develop action plans or prototypes to leverage AI for value creation. Read more about this here: Increo's AI Workshop.

We have also expanded our technology toolbox with new solutions, including AI and CMS development platforms such as Umbraco and Sanity. Extra big deal to become a partner with Sanity, something few in Norway can boast of. In addition, we have honed our methodology to lead efficient innovation and development processes.

Our goal is to help you grow faster, innovate, digitize, and create products and services that people love to use, and looking back in 2023, we're proud of the growth we've managed to create this year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2024!

Practical information

Our opening hours during Christmas are 9am-3pm on regular working days. For support, contact us at For critical emergencies outside of business hours, call or email your contact person.

PS. As before, this year's Christmas gift goes from us to SOS Children's Villages and our godchildren.

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Morten M Wikstrøm
Morten M Wikstrøm
CEO, Consulting
976 90 017
Merethe Honne
Merethe Honne
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