Hopp til hovedinnhold

Making everyday designs

– Now it is good!
– This one?
– Yes!
– Uh, I haven’t done it on purpose. After all these days of not knowing what to do- it just happened -it was a coincidence…
– Sometimes you have to earn your coincidence.

I remember small talk from my university days. What my mentor meant was: inspiration comes with working!

How to stay focused and creative on a rainy day?

Find a way to know your client.blogg-post-how-to-stay...3

Increasing inputs about the project is a good starting point. When I face lack of ideas collecting infos and making research makes it easier. Mind mapping programs help me to create some order with collected data.

Think first, then act

It is good to have an idea before you start with realization of a project on a computer. Staying away from Mac for a while helps recharge, before visualizing it for real. Connecting pieces together, making mockups, sketches, whatever.

Feel relaxed

Yep! Take a break. It is OK not to be inspired every moment. Dance. Take a walk. Eat a chocolate cake. Call a friend. Watch a movie. Read a book. Play ukulele… All of those can inspire us!

Spread your interests as much as you can

Acquiring yet another skill may not make us pros, but it will help us spread our interests and make us richer as persons and professionals.

Take a walk on the wild side

Or just keep walking. It is impossible to make every project perfect. Without taking risks, we cannot make mistakes. Without mistakes, we cannot progress.

Move your focus

If I have a problem with creating one thing, I switch to another. It is not important whether I switched to illustrating or cooking, because the act of creating produces more creativity. 

Ask for help

No matter if you work in a team or as a freelancer, asking someone for help is always a good idea.
blogg-post-how-to-stay...1I personally believe that every single person is creative (don`t mix creative with artistic). Creativity is the key to demanding problem solving. Sometimes it is your talented colleague, other times it might be your neighbor from a different branch and believe me, sometimes it is your cat! Feedback is as important as creating. It indicates that we are on the right path while collaboration makes us richer!

Holy internet – database of inspiration


Blogs, blogs, more blogs and websites, social networks. You educate your taste, connect with other creatives and stay up to date. Sometimes I just take a look at something I love and – voila! I am inspired! What about you? 🙂